The fun and playful KTM 390 Duke is a sporty and versatile roadster that should be under consideration by riders looking for a stylish and accessible streetbike. It earned its place as Best Lightweight/Entry-Level Motorcycle in our annual MOBO awards.

Best Lightweight/Entry-Level Motorcycle Of 2016

The lil’ Duke experience gets even nicer for 2017, with a raft of improvements that elevate the riding experience. It offers improvements in comfort, style, performance and the user interface, including a 5.2-inch color TFT display that is a first in its class. And, retailing at $5,299, it brings loads of value to the market and garnered my first-ever 10/10 score in our Value category.

2017 KTM 390 Duke Review

Full details of the bike and my riding impressions are in the link directly above, and now we’ve got moving pictures and sound to bring added perspective to a terrific little funster of a bike. Enjoy!

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  • Fivespeed302

    Who better to review the Duke than Mr. Duke?

  • Sayyed Bashir

    Kevin, nice review of the bike. Makes me want to buy it, but have three bikes already.

  • Sayyed Bashir

    The super-low price is only possible because the bike is assembled in India. All bikes for the European and U.S. markets are brought to Austria and checked for quality. I looked at the price of the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto and almost choked: $11,300.

    • Jon Jones

      KTM nukes us with transportation charges.

      • Gruf Rude

        Around $1000 transport charges in Colorado.

        • Jon Jones

          $450 in California and $400 for a “PDI”.

          Proving once again the TRUE price on any motorbike is the out-the-door price, not some phony, artificially low MSRP.

          $6785.00 is the standard OTD for one of these 390s in California.

          • Sayyed Bashir

            I got my 2015 KTM 1190 Adventure R for $16,800 with no other charges. Depends on the dealer.

      • spiff

        No, the dealer does.

        • Jon Jones


          • spiff

            Buying an SDR as we speak. No destination fee.

          • Jon Jones

            You’re very special.

          • spiff

            Hey, that’s what my mom used to tell me. 🙂

            I have found that you go to your local dealer, and ask for their best out the door price. Then call every other dealer in a radius you are willing to drive. There is also the option to ship a bike. I was quoted $650 anywhere in the nation. Fly and rides are a great vacation with a brand new bike. After you call all those dealers and get the best price go local again. I always try to give local business a chance. In the end weigh all the option and take the best deal on the table. My local dealer wouldn’t budge, I don’t blame him, hope he doesn’t blame me.

          • Jon Jones

            That’s the way to do it!

  • spiff

    Perfect bike for a young rider with a dirt back ground. Similar power, can be a mence if needed, but isn’t going to “write the check on the straight you can’t cash in the corner”.

    It is good for others as well, but helping fearless kids adapt to the street is what I like.

  • Old MOron

    Dear MO,

    I know you guys have to pay your rents and everything, but it takes your page for GODDAMNED EVER to load nowadays. Additionally, as I type this post, my cursor freezes while the advertisements constantly refresh themselves. My user experience kind of sucks. I don’t suppose there’s anything you can do about it. Thank you for your consideration.

    With kind regards, I am an

    Old MOron

    • Jon Jones

      Great post. I’ve completely given up on the Cycle World site for these reasons. They also dropped the “Disqus” comment format. It wasn’t as bad until recently. Now it’s a frustrating, worthless mess.

      Does being pistol-whipped by an ad EVER win anyone over? Online advertising has ZERO influence on most of us, I’m sure.

    • 12er

      Chrome with adblock works great

      • Jon Jones

        Agreed. But Cycle World is still a joke even using every ad/video blocker in the book.

        • Sayyed Bashir

          Cycle World is using a anti-adblocker script which reloads the page when you try to block the ads. AdBlock blocks the ads but cannot get rid of the fixed title covering the top of the screen. I don’t spend much time there, even though they have some good articles like the recent review of the Husqvarna 701 Supermoto. We support MO by buying the bikes and accessories reviewed on the site, and by contributing positively to the discussions.

          • Kevin Duke

            And we’re grateful for your support!

  • RyYYZ

    I want one of these, quite a bit. Just seems like it would be a really fun bike for the usual around town, commuting, and short-range sporty riding on the weekend. Of course, then I’d need a real sport-tourer for the longer trips. It’s hard to find one bike that can really do it all (well), even just on the street. Something like an FJR1300, Concours, or BMW RT1200 or K1600GT would be fantastic for longer tours, but 600+ lb bikes can sometimes be a bit of a pain. OTOH, I personally wouldn’t care to do a multi-day tour on one of these. But it would sure be fun to toss through the local twisties (such as they are).

  • Justin Palmer

    Can you do a comparison and/or face off 2017 KTM DUKE vs 2017 BMW G 310 R?

    • Kevin Duke

      As soon as they’re available!