With all the recent hoopsteria and commentary re: Kawasaki’s remaking of the original Z1 in the form of the new Z900RS, it feels like a good time to stroll a bit farther down memory lane. Does anybody need to go to the bathroom before we start, because you won’t be allowed to open any new browser windows once the test begins. Spit out that gum Starmag! OK, then, keep your eyes on your own screen, remember that the photos may be there to fool or help you, and Laissez le bon questions rouler! Anybody who doesn’t get at least 8 of these needs to see Mr. Alexander after class.

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  • Matt O

    Well I suck

  • Starmag

    After chewing over those questions a bit, I have to admit those were trickier than they seemed. Good job John, I’m spitting mad I didn’t get a couple of those. It’s a good thing my pay isn’t dependent on these KZ quiz’s.

    Those early GPZ’s sure were beautiful.

  • Rocky Stonepebble


    • Johnny Blue

      Same… and I got lucky…

      • Rocky Stonepebble

        lol … so did I.

  • john phyyt

    MFP … WTF !!! .. Funny stuff. Kudos to JB. Was it you who wrote the MCQs on my last college exam?

  • Mad4TheCrest

    Only 5 right. As a baby boomer who started out on a Kawasaki 90cc 2-stroke and own a ZRX now, I am deeply ashamed.

    • Holy Kaw!

      Me too! KS125 here, Red ZRX I still love. Deeply ashamed…

  • john burns

    Children, if anyone got Question 1 wrong, give yourself 1 point. The Z1 was not the first mass-produced bike with DOHC, it was the first Open-class big bike with it. The Quiz has been modified as of 12/28 6:30 pm PST.

    • Gertrude

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  • bvail

    Uno right. Maybe because hearing those noisy Kirker exhausts wailing around two in the morning woke me up and pissed me off.

  • symun buuntw

    On wht year 1st zx10r builded and wht sub frame body chasis make of ?

  • Alaskan18724

    Seven, but three were WAGs.