No one does, really, but here’s a nice one for sale just in case. From the ad: Modern turbos are refined and smooth, giving us engines with durability, increased power when you need it and good gas mileage when you don’t, all with minimal lag. These characteristics are largely the result of modern fuel injection systems and the electronics that control them. Both of which are missing here.

The rest of the ad, which is actually 1.5 years old, is over here on, and is really a pretty fun read: Lots of sportbikes, even vintage sportbikes do many things well: handling is almost always part of the package. Many are very fast, some are reliable, and a few will even take you on long journeys in relative comfort. The Kawasaki Z1R TC does only one of these things, but it does so with such enthusiasm that it’s hard not to give it a pass on the others…

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  • Matt O

    these were before my time, but damn. my heart rate goes up just thinking about riding something like this in anger. coming onto boost must be something. thrilling? probably closer to terrifying. i want to ride a turbo.

  • Mad4TheCrest

    These bikes looked a lot better than they went, but damn, I wanted one in the bluish-silver color back in the day. These days though I am not that interested in One Trick Ponies!

  • elgar

    Anyone remember this article from Car and Driver with Danny Ongais and the Z1R-TC?

    • john burns

      wow I vaguely go remember that. I met “Onthegas” one time at the track, a colorful character…

      • elgar

        ‘Onthegas’, I’ve never heard that one…awesome, and appropriate. At Danny’s hands, both the Kawasaki and the Porsche suffered engine failures, as I recall from that article published in 1979…man, time flies.

        • therr850

          I’ll bet the Aspen Wagon is still running. heeheehee

          • elgar

            …and I’m sure the Phoenix/Citation X-Car has more trouble free miles on it…ha ha aha


    ha ha which thing does it do that would make you give it a pass on the others?Just look at that bad boy!

  • Kid Thunder

    That was an even more special Z1R TC. It had the “Molly” paint job.I still remember the day I walked to the dealership I bought my 75 Z1 at to see this one on the floor! I wanted it badly but alas, not enough money in my account. THat was the only one he got with that paint. Kawasaki of Rhode Island was the dealer. One of the 1st Kawasaki dealer in New England. He had a two digget dealer #!!!!

  • jeff benson

    Hitting the boost while turning must have been a real experience on those old turbos.