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2015 EICMA: Kawasaki SC-02 Soul Charger Concept Sketch

Kawasaki released its second concept sketch depicting a possible future for its motorcycle supercharger technology. Revealed at EICMA, the Soul Charger concept reveals a naked roadster with the now familiar red supercharger behind the Inline-Four’s cylinder bank.

The Soul Charger, also known by the code SC-02, follows the faired SC-01 Spirit Charger sketch revealed in October at the Tokyo Motor Show.

Speaking at EICMA, Kenji Tomida, president of Kawasaki’s Motorcycle and Engine Company division, described the potential scalability of the supercharger technology, suggesting the Soul Charger depicts a smaller capacity engine than the 998cc powerplant in the Ninja H2 and H2R.

Kawasaki did not mention what exact displacement the SC-02 or SC-01 could be (they are, after all, just sketches) or how quickly we may see more supercharged models following the H2/H2R. Tomida did say Kawasaki plans to introduce 12 new models over the next two years.


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