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Kawasaki emerged out of the ashes of the second World War to become one of the big players from Japan. In the late ’60s and early ’70s, Kawasaki built a reputation for some of the most powerful engines on two wheels, spawning legendary sportbikes like the Ninja series and a line of championship-winning off-road bikes.

2008 Kawasaki Ninja 250R Review

Forget headline grabbing 180hp liter bikes, or championship-winning 600cc supersports. We ride Kawasaki's littlest king, the Ninja 250R, completely revised for 2008.

2008 Kawasaki Versys Road Test

With introductory ride reports long since past, we ordered up some accessory saddlebags and took the 2008 Kawasaki Versys on a Motorcycle.com staff ride to see what this Euro-looking bike was all about.

2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R Review

There I was, just a few miles away from the Persian Gulf, hurtling through space at about 184 mph, and I'm glad that the explosive device I'm astride is in no way improvised.

2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R Preview

When some moto journalists called the new ZX-10R's ignition management system Traction Control, corporate lawyers bounced off their rev limiters. After the engineers and marketers had argued their case, they were allowed to describe it as

2008 Kawasakis: First Look

Kawasaki comes out swinging for 2008 with a heavily tweaked ZX-10R, a thorough revision to the venerable Ninja 250R, and some minor but significant changes to the rocketship ZX-14. And more!

2008 Kawasaki ZX-10R First Look

Kawasaki has released the first pictures of its heavily revised ZX-10R that looks set to battle for the liter-sized superbike crown. Team Green is thus far stingy with details about this thoroughly tweaked literbike, but here’s what we’ve been able to

2008 Kawasaki Versys First Ride

Already a success overseas, the jack-of-all-trades Versys – powered by a retuned Ninja 650 Twin – makes its debut in North America.

2007 Kawasaki Z1000

It sure is nice to live in a world where most everyone can reap the benefits of someone else's smart decisions or discoveries.

2008 Kawasaki Concours 14

If you've been riding for more than a few years you know that the Kawasaki Concours has been around for what seems like an eternity

Riding with the Wind of Change

"I used to own a KLR," I replied. And indeed I did. I logged thousands of miles on my former police-issue KLR, both on pavement and off. I have been on every kind of terrain imaginable with that bike, and because of my past experience on the old KLR, I kn

2007 Liter Bike Shootout

What does it take to win? If you take a moment to consider competition, whether it be in the realm of sports, business, interoffice battles or even in nature, there are often clear-cut winners. But this becomes less and less the case as you move up the fo

Three for Five: Budget Bombers

Five thousand bucks used to be a lot of money, didn't it? Maybe you remember when five grand could buy a pretty sweet Cadillac, or the fastest, most exotic sportbike known to man.Those days are gone.Five gees will get you a 10 year-old Honda Acc

Godzilla Cruisers Shootout

Is bigger better? Of course it is. Especially when it comes to cruisers. MO takes a look at the biggest, baddest, nastiest jumbo cruisers on the market with the Harley-Davidson CVO Springer, Honda VTX1800C, Kawasaki Vulcan 2000 and Yamaha Star Roadliner.

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