No one could argue that Indian’s reentry into flat track racing has been anything but crazy successful. They definitely had the bike, the riders, and the budget going in. But even then I don’t think most of us thought they’d be quite this dominant in season one. Why not help them celebrate, then, by buying one of 50 commemorative FTR750s?


When Indian Motorcycle announced it will return to its roots in flat track racing after more than 60 years away from the sport, the motorcycle industry and fans alike were unsure as to what to expect. As we have reached the halfway point through the 2017 AFT season, it’s clear a new star within the sport has emerged…

The Scout FTR750, which won the first eight races of the season and has captured 22 of 27 podiums this season, has been running in a class of its own and has clearly established a reputation as the most dominant race-bike the sport has ever seen. To celebrate Indian’s return to the sport, and the dominant performance by the Indian Wrecking Crew, Indian Motorcycle will offer a limited-edition, individually-numbered Scout FTR750. Fans and collectors can now purchase one of these stunning machines as part of a limited run of 50 bikes being sold by Indian this year. In addition to collecting a piece of flat track racing history, buyers will receive an incredible once-in-a-lifetime riding experience with their favorite Wrecking Crew rider.


With such a limited run, Indian is also allowing customers to customize their FTR750 with a variety of options including:

· Selecting their own number (on a first-come, first-serve basis) from bikes 1-50
· Choose from a variety of custom finishes
· Optional installment of a front brake

Along with the bike, buyers will also be given a one-of-a-kind VIP viewing experience at an American Flat Track event where they will have access to the racing pits and a meet and greet with the team. The following morning, the VIP guest will receive their one-on-one flat track riding lesson with a Wrecking Crew rider.

For riders, this is an opportunity to own a bike that represents the highest level of design and performance the industry has to offer. And for collectors this is the chance to own a piece of history as only 50 of these bikes will be manufactured for the public this year.

PR Ends

You know you need one, and that $50K includes airfare for two.


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  • Starmag

    I’ll wait to buy the 2018 FTR750 Street, which logically should come out sometime after Indian wins the Championship this year. Everybody knows that early adopters pay through the nose. Besides, I want mine to be street legal.

    • Tod Rafferty

      Agreed. But to not call it the Sport Scout would be foolish. Maybe 2019. I’m in.

    • Sayyed Bashir

      There will not be a street model for at least 5-10 years. Reid Wilson, Indian Director of Marketing, Feb 23 interview with Burns: “To build a streetbike motor it takes years and years of engineering and effort and money. There’s a lot of work and a lot of diligence that goes into a street motor to last thousands of miles, and all of it takes time.”

      • Starmag

        I’ll bet you’re a blast at parties. I don’t put much stock in what marketing directors have to say, they are glorified salesmen after all. If my business waited 10 years to capitalize on our very expensive, unprecedented,(rookie manufacturer championship), racing successes, the first person I’d consider firing would be….. the marketing director.

        • RMP52

          I think you got that right! Strike while the irons’ hot.

      • Born to Ride

        How do you know they aren’t 3-4 years into design and production already? It does take 3-5 years to bring a clean sheet design to market, but we never know what they have in the pipeline already. By the time we are seeing “spy shots” the bike has been in design at least 2-3 years already. Miguel Galluzzi and his team started building the Moto Guzzi California in 2009, it released in 2012. So Polaris with their extensive funding could easily have a scout tracker right around the corner.

        • Sayyed Bashir

          You are hoping too much. The interview was on Feb 23 when there was no plan for a street version. The race version was not even designed by Polaris but by SwissAuto whose main expertise is high-performance racing engines. Steve Menneto President of Polaris Motorcycles said to Cycle News on Mar 21 that “the 750 is a race engine only”. When Kevin Duke of MO asked Menneto on Jan 16 whether the dirt tracker would be capitalized on with some sort of production version, he said “There’s a push to go bigger and faster”. If you have heard anything to the contrary, please let everyone know.

          • Kevin Duke

            OEMs always have long-range plans, as much as 10 or more years out. I’d guess we’ll see some form of this motor in a production bike within 18 months.

  • Mad4TheCrest

    Just what I need, a 50k bike I’d need to buy a truck to haul to the nearest place I could legally ride it where I’d promptly bust something critical in my knee while in between insurance.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    I’ll buy one right after I get a regular Scout to swap plates with. It ain’t no fun if you can’t make store runs!

  • Buzz

    So, is there a state with loose regulations where one might be able to finagle some license plates for this?

    It would never happen in CA but maybe AZ or South Dakota or something?

  • Craig Hoffman

    If I had FU money, I would buy one of these and a regular Scout to register the plate to, add minimal street equipment and rock on.

    Even if they do come out with the street version, it will have to be bloated, soft and EPA legal. This thing is minimalist, hard edged and raw. It is perfect.

    • Born to Ride

      See that’s exactly the thing that people don’t realize. The guys that wanted a Harley XR750 for the street hated the XR1200 because in order to put a plate on it they have to use a homologated engine. Once they get around to building one of these out of a scout engine and all the requisite emissions and street hardware, it will be nothing more than a styling exercise.

      • Sayyed Bashir

        Exactly my point.

  • pcontiman

    Right after I buy that Harley Destroyer right before I wake up….

  • gjw1992

    Very nice. But where’s the well-priced every day road version – the Husky Nuda equivalent?

  • Gary Latessa

    What about the guys who already laid out the money with a deposit on one of these bikes.


    It may be foolish but I’d like to own one.

    • Born to Ride

      I’ll take 2.

  • Jon Jones

    So much history and tradition!!!

  • Jack Meoph

    Luckily for me not only do I lack the funds for that machine but I also lack the skill, thus eliminating any desire to acquire.