We’re only two weeks away from the official racing debut of Indian’s new FTR750. The last time we saw the FTR in action was at the GNC season finale at Santa Rosa where Joe Kopp finished seventh in the main event. That was a shakedown run, albeit, a very impressive one. Now, with more development time, the current GNC champion Bryan Smith piloting the bike, and a new flat tracker from Harley-Davidson, the XG750R, in the mix, there hasn’t been more anticipation for the flat track opener in Daytona in a long time.

Following the FTR’s debut, MO enlisted the services of multi-time GNC champ Chris Carr to pilot the FTR around the mile track and give us his feedback. You can read about Carr’s insights here: Indian Scout FTR750 Ride Review. Our own John Burns will be on the ground in Florida to witness the historic event in person. Stay tuned for his full report following the race.

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  • Deryl Clark

    Would love to see a break down of the the different bikes that will be competing.
    As a child (back when dinosaurs roamed the earth and phones had dials) I remember the GN series being full of freethinker who would trot out different bikes to race.
    I distinctly remember at the Oklahoma City half mile seeing 500cc Suzuki twins and Kawasaki triples alongside the usual BSAs, Triumphs, and HD’s.
    Will this new revived GN series allow for such free thinking?

  • Buzz

    How about a link to the flat track schedule? I went to the Del Mar mile many moons ago and loved it.

    I’ll have to travel for a race now but that’s ok. It’s fantastic racing.

    • mugwump

      I cross more state lines to attend AFT and now SSN races than MotoAmerica races. I think, hmmmm

  • kenneth_moore

    I went to my first flat-track event last year at Daytona Bike Week and had a great time. For me the racing itself was “meh”, but what I really liked was that they had the pits wide-open for ticket holders. You could walk right up and see the bikes being prepped, meet the riders, etc. I love the smell of fresh tires and race gas! I even got an autographed poster from a KTM rider known as “The Flying Tomato!” (He’s a redheaded freckle-faced kid). Never heard of the kid, but it looks good in the garage.