Honda has released a new video teasing its upcoming adventure scooter. The new video is longer and offers a better look at the scooter, which we expect to be sold under the name “X-ADV,” than the first teaser video released last month. The latest teaser shows the scooter tackling some off-road terrain on the island of Sardinia before heading into an urban area.

Honda used a few tricks, obscuring the bike behind obstacles, filming with an intentional blur and, at times, even showing reversed images of the X-ADV (notice how the single exhaust keeps switching sides?). What we can see looks remarkably close to the City Adventure Concept shown last fall at EICMA.

The video does confirm some key details. From the concept’s shape, we assumed the X-ADV will be based off of Honda’s NC platform with a 745cc engine with its twin cylinders inclined at a 62-degree angle. A shot of the right handlebar shows a switch labeled “A/M,” which toggles between automatic and manuals shifting, confirming the presence of Honda’s Dual Clutch Transmission.


A shot of the back of the leg shield shows a small lever in front of the rider’s knee. This is the parking brake lever, also featured on the DCT-equipped Honda Integra scooter. For some reason, Honda reversed this part of the video as the lever and exhaust are on the right side of the scooter (if you look closely, you can see the letters on the license plate are reversed.)


Other features we can identify include twin front brake discs with Nissin calipers, an upside-down fork and wire spoke wheels.

The video ends with the X-ADV getting packed into a shipping crate, presumably to be sent to the location of the next video, scheduled to release Sept. 15 (or perhaps to be examined by top men alongside the ark of the covenant.)

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Honda Communities

  • Gabriel Owens

    It’s like bizarre pornography. You’re not sure why, but you just can’t look away.

  • Born to Ride

    Adventure…… Scooter?

  • sgray44444

    Honda has become the grand master of answering questions nobody is asking.

  • Robs

    This should be very popular in Yurrup.

  • DL Nielsen

    Looks like the big Integra scooter with dual-sport tires and a bit more suspension travel. Wonder if Honda will import this version to the US?

  • Craig Hoffman

    The whole ADV marketing angle is weird, but the CTX engine with DCT, bigger wheels and inverted forks – looks like a perfect super scooter. Always thought when the CTX came out that its engine is more suited for a big scooter and, well, here we are.

    The only problem with that is, if I am scootering, I want a small nimble 300, as such a machine can do highway, is quick in the city and yet offers an easy jump on and go scooter experience. When we are talking something of this size, gimme a motorcycle.