Honda announced a new “mini-streetfighter” redesign for the MSX125, the little monkey bike better known to Americans as the Grom. At the moment, the styling update has been announced in Europe and Thailand where it is manufactured, but we expect to see the more aggressive-looking Grom in the U.S. in the next several months.

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The MSX125’s low price, light weight, and low power output (perfect for Europe’s A1 license holders) made it a popular option, with Honda claiming sales of more than 300,000 units worldwide since it debuted in 2013. It’s interesting that Honda chose to go with a more aggressive look for 2016, a bit of a departure from the unintimidating styling that attracted scores of customers to the original design.

16YM MSX125

The 2016 MSX125 receives a completely redesigned fuel tank that holds 1.5 gallons of fuel (same as the old model). Following a pattern set by the recently updated 500 series, the little Grom receives LED headlights and taillights (I will kind of miss the boomerang-shaped pieces on the sides of the headlight on the original Grom, though.)

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The seat remains 29.7 inches from the ground but does not come as far forward as it did on the previous model. The 2016 model also gets a higher pillion seat. Overlaying it with the original Grom, we can see the 2016 MSX125’s handlebars are positioned farther forward.


Mechanically, the 2016 model is similar to the original. The most notable change is the shorter underslung exhaust rather than the large, high-mount muffler used on the original Grom. The engine remains a 124.9cc Single matched with a four-speed transmission. The wheelbase (47.2 inches), rake (25°) and trail (3.2 inches) also remain unchanged, as do the 31mm telescopic fork and rear monoshock. The brake calipers have been painted red (leading Sean Alexander to exclaim “Now it truly is a sportbike!”) but are again comprised of a two-piston caliper up front with 220mm disc and a single-caliper with 190mm disc at the rear.

16YM MSX125

The 2016 MSX125 will arrive in European showrooms in the Spring, and we hope U.S. dealerships will follow suit with the updated Grom. European customers will have a choice of Lemon Ice Yellow, Mat Axis Gray Metallic, Pearl Valentine Red and Pearl Himalays White colors.

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  • ‘Mike Smith

    The hi-viz yellow is f-ing horrible. Otherwise, I’d take the red one just for messing around town.

  • Michael Mccormick

    Call me a cynical but 300, 000 units. They must all over in Asia and Europe or MO meant 30k

    • denchung

      Thailand alone accounted for 250k units. That’s also where it’s manufactured.

      • Michael Mccormick

        I know Honda builds the 125 as well as their 250 and 500’s in Thailand. I just wonder where the sales numbers quoted come from. So they sell 250k in Thailand and 50k in the rest of the world? Those numbers are high for one model. It seems more Groms are sold in Thailand than BMW, KTM,HD,Ducati total world wide production of each of their brands

        • Bruce Nguyen

          the bike is cheap-ish don’t forget that. also if you want 200-235cc’s, the finbros one is probably the one to get, people do big bore kits all the time, google it

      • Michael Mccormick

        I forget how many bikes Honda produces worldwide. According to their annual financial report, they build over 6,000,000 under 100cc nits in India alone! Just amazed how few bikes are sold in the US. Pretty sad.
        I owned a Grom for about a year and had lots of fun on it. Too bad it’s not available with a 200cc engine and a 5 speed transmission to make it more versatile than a moped. Guess its fine in Asian city traffic

        • denchung

          It is staggering when you see Honda’s worldwide numbers. Even the 300k Groms is nothing in the bigger picture.

  • Ron Hayes

    I personally do not care about that headlamp?It looks similar to that ugly headlight on the old CX500’s. I like the clean look it had.

  • SRMark

    Scale that thing up and put a crf450 engine in it

  • AnoNYC

    Any word on when this will hit the USA?

  • Stevenk122

    @disqus_k1AsK3TLpu:disqus it looks like it launched today.

  • Gromzilla 897

    first grom sf england,.,. check my new channel for more