Honda pulled out all the stops for its fresh, ground-up redesign of the CBR1000RR. And it’s about time, too. However, instead of searching for power like most of its competition, Team Red’s mission was to make the new CBR as light as possible. All in an effort to give the rider Total Control – the same design ethos given to the original CBR900RR 25 years earlier. To that end, Honda lightened everything it could; using magnesium engine covers, a titanium exhaust, and titanium fuel tank (for the SP model, anyway). It even made the frame walls – and fairings – thinner!

Of course, the old Fireblade was blasted for not having enough power and for its lack of electronics, so Honda solved both those issues. A reworked head, higher compression ratio, and increased rev limit help give more power, and a whole suite of electronics finally grace the CBR, anchored by a five-axis Bosch IMU. You should know what I think of the bike by now if you’ve read my First Ride Review. But if you want to hear me fighting a cold and a lost voice in an attempt to give you my visual and audible impressions of the new 1000RR, then the video below is what you’re looking for.

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  • Born to Ride

    Seeing it in motion just confirms previous suspicion. This bike is gorgeous from every angle.


    If the IMU issue is the only thing wrong with this bike one thing is for sure, it will be fixed. I love this bike. I may love the BMW more however but I still love this bike. That is really all that matters in the entire universe. The fact that I love it.

  • john phyyt

    Wow Troy you looked really unwell. Thanks for carrying on despite your obvious discomfort. It shows just how dedicated you are to providing excellence. Being trapped inside those flying tubes of virus will do that to you.

    Bike looks great. I know it was a track test. BUT. How comfortable ,day to day, do you think it might be?. Honda sports bikes are often praised for being less extreme than the others.. Is this still the case?

    • TroySiahaan

      Ha! Thanks for the kind words. “Unwell” is putting it nicely. I’m sure the viruses trapped in the flying metal tube in the sky didn’t help my health, but my kid coughing on me everyday was probably the culprit.

      As for comfort: tough to say. It didn’t seem as aggressive, ergonomically, as the R1, if that helps.

  • Driver Magz

    I dont think the wheelie control can be reflashed and connected to the IMU because it only calculates five parameters (front, back, left, right, and one of up or down). As a result, one of the calculations is missing and that’s why honda went the crude-way. Imagine fitting a different tyre size.

    • TroySiahaan

      Many of Honda’s competitors use Bosch five-axis IMUs and, based on the data presented from the five axis, calculate the sixth one. It’s not new territory.

      • Driver Magz

        I tought BMW, Ducati, and Yamaha use the 6-axis IMU with the ZX-10 left alone using the 5. Did you have the same exp when you rode the ZX?

        • TroySiahaan

          It’s been some time since I’ve ridden the ZX around a racetrack, and definitely not one as drastic as Portimao. So my recollection of how the Kawi manages wheelies is a bit hazy. There’s so much to think about with modern sportbikes these days!

  • Sean

    @TroySiahaan:disqus On a side note, how do you like that RPHA 11?? I am considering one along with a shoei x-14.

    • TroySiahaan

      This is only my second time wearing it, but so far I like it. Comfortable, vents well, fairly aerodynamic… and I love the Venom graphics! Then again, for my head, the fit of the Shoei is on another level.

  • Mad4TheCrest

    With these significant (though not perfect) updates, Honda will ‘allow’ sport-riding fans of the brand to buy Honda again with no excuses. It’s not a V4, but it’s probably all Honda needs to get back in the game.

  • it is a great looking bike. Honda has done a great job in improving their design!