Fan favorite Guy Martin is returning to the Isle of Man TT, signing on to join longtime Honda factory rider John McGuinness to ride the new CBR1000RR SP2. The two will ride the Fireblade in the Superbike class in both the Isle of Man TT and the North West 200.

For Martin, this marks his return to road racing after taking 2016 off to focus on bicycle racing and his various other projects. Honda Racing team manager Neil Tuxworth convinced Martin to return with a chance to get his elusive first TT win on the new CBR.

“Neil has been talking to me for a while about joining the team, but I had a lot of thinking to do before I committed and said yes,” says Martin. “I spent a lot of time on my pushbike to and from work, thinking about what to do. I didn’t want to grow old regretting not giving the Honda a go, and the more time passes since making the decision, the more I’ve thought it is the right decision.”

He has a ways to go to catch his new teammate, McGuinness whose 23 TT wins puts him second all-time and just three back of Joey Dunlop. Many of McGuinness’ wins came on the outgoing CBR1000RR model.

“I know the old model like the back of my hand and have taken a lot of my TT wins with the old girl, so I can’t wait to get out on track and try the new machine out,” says McGuinness. “I am sad to say bye to the old Fireblade; I have a lot of history and good memories with that bike, but testing the new model can’t come soon enough and neither can the race season.”

The 2017 North West 200 runs May 7-13 in Northern Ireland. The Isle of Man TT races starts with June 3 with qualifying beginning on May 27.

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  • Based on the team’s history, Guy will have a fast and reliable ride this year. That’s something that couldn’t always be said about his previous mounts at the IOM.

  • Starmag

    Thanks for this Dennis. My two favorite IOMTT racers and characters now on one team. Easy to relate to lads, ( if you’ve got your Guy Martin decoder ring ), that sure seem like everymen. Mc pint will be a legend soon, if he’s not already, when he passes Joey, (who he has huge respect for) for wins. It seems like they are going to have a good time as teammates. With this news, and the changes in flat track and Motogp, 2017 is shaping up to be epic for motorcycle racing.

  • halfkidding

    I am only aware of the guy because he is unavoidable online or to put it another way he seems like a publicity hound. To me he’s a celebrity first, seeking fame in any way and Motorsports often of the stunt variety is his method. Is his talent in the same league as other pro TT riders I can’t say.

    There are far worse things than a self promoter who also promotes motorcycle racing and it isn’t like anyone is totally pure on the self promotion front I’m just saying he’s at the far end.

  • hasty hughie

    John McG’, pretty straight forward. The riding is what he does and he has a fantastic record. Sure he may be getting along, but it is great to have him around, he is an inspiration and he yet may have another win left in the locker. Guy may be talented, but he is a wanker and head case, the permanent awkward adolescent, in other words, a clown. IMHO, I don’t think he has the IOM win in him, but this is sport, you never know.

  • Vrooom

    Well that’s a loaded team. McGuinness and Martin are legends of TT racing.

  • JMDonald

    It’s the bike I would want to ride. Like I could ride in the TT. Good luck gentlemen.

  • schizuki

    I always thought the Isle of Man was an isolated relic of magnificent insanity. Then this summer CBS Sports started showing roadracing from Great Britain. Those crazy bastards are flying past lampposts and trees all over the British Isles.