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Massive Air In Drag Bike Flip Video

A few weeks ago a drag bike race in Perth, Australia ended in a foot race (see If You Ain’t First, You’re Last). This week, a drag race in Perth begins and ends in the same millisecond as drag racer Brett Ghedina flipped his turbocharged Honda, Saturday night at the opening round of Comp Bike eliminations at the Perth Motoplex. Ghedian, via social media, explains what went wrong.

“In the first elimination round we experienced a wiring-related fault to the boost controller, which I thought would only give me wastegate spring boost pressure. Unfortunately it had the complete opposite effect, and applied maximum boost when I brought the engine onto the 2-step. The rest happened in a millisecond! (check out my eyes!). The only injuries to me was a bruised knee, but the bike fared far worse….”