Honda is dipping its toe in the suddenly trendy scrambler waters, introducing a concept model based off of its CB650F and CBR650F platform. The CB Six50 Concept, like the CB4 roadster concept, is a design exercise from Honda R&D Europe presented at EICMA.

While the engine and frame appear identical to those on the production 650s, the CB Six50 adopts the prototypical scrambler garb of wire-spoke wheels, knobby tires and rising exhaust. A bash plate protects the four header pipes, which is a shame given their elegant design, but it’s a practical choice for a machine claiming off-road capability.


While models like Moto Guzzi‘s new V7 II Stornello or Triumph’s Scrambler seek a retro look, the CB Six50 has a very modern aesthetic. Eschewing the round headlight design of its competitors (including the Ducati Scrambler which also uses an LED), Honda opted for a rectangular headlight with a spartan-looking mounting that shows off rather than hides the routing of cables.


The motocross-style handlebar is mounted high above the triple clamp, and it’s here that Honda has attached a smartphone-sized digital display; no circular analogue dials on this scrambler.


The Six50’s seat looks very slender and rises up to a very minimalist tail. The ribbed seat is red, matching the bars that guard the radiator and extends up into a similar red stripe on the fuel tank.


Like the CB4, the CB Six50 is just a concept with no firm plans for a production model.

Follow the rest of our 2015 EICMA Show coverage for more information on new 2016 motorcycle announcements.

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  • armyvet00

    With a similar seat height to the Ducati Scrambler- this would fly off the sales floor!

  • Josh

    Really cool concept but I doubt they would make it let alone sell it in the states. A year ago I really wanted to buy a new Honda motorcycle (started out as a Honda fan) but all I saw were overpriced underperforming less-features-than-the-competition bikes.

  • ChainsawCharlie

    Very nice, well except for the front fender

  • Looks nice. I guess everyone wants to be Daryl from “The Walking Dead.”

  • Montana dave

    Agree, nicely done concept. How much would remain on a production bike after the bean counters do their job?

  • Suman M Subramanian

    Very interesting concept! I like how it combines scrambler cues with more modern dual sport elements, rather than being a slavish retro design like so many bikes and cars these days. Those header pipes really are elegant, though I wonder if Honda might want to route them around the engine versus under it, for better ground clearance. I can’t discern the purpose of the four edge guards on the head and tail lights (I admit I’m not a dirt rider), but I do like the minimalist brush guards on the handlebar ends and the overall rugged look, especially since it eschews the goofy high-mounted beak found so often on modern dual sports.

  • Paul Lucas

    This bike just Ooozes Cool!!!