What motorcycle has a flat-Six engine and causes power junkies to salivate and then beg whenever its name is mentioned? What performance cruiser has been out of Honda’s lineup for 10 years? What motorcycle, when mentioned in conversation, almost always ends up with someone recounting the broad sliding behemoth on a dry lake bed that set the standard for an exciting motorcycle advertisement for many years?

By this point, the faithful are well aware the moment is at hand: The almighty Honda Valkyrie returns to the streets of a grateful nation! Okay, maybe that was laying it on a bit thick, but any time Honda upgraded the Gold Wing – and particularly when the F6B was announced – a question was posed by expectant fans. Is this the year when we finally have the answer and a chance to buy another Valkyrie.

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The Beast is ready to roar.

The Beast is ready to roar.

Today, Honda ended all of the questioning. The 2014 Valkyrie has been more than updated. It’s been reworked from the ground up. Gone are the retro cues that make the old, beloved, Valkyrie look as dated as the open collars on the polyester shirts of the disco era. Instead, Honda’s designers clearly wanted to make the new Valkyrie look like a modern tarmac-consuming beast.

The LED headlight is both futuristic and effective at casting illumination.

The LED headlight is both futuristic and effective at casting illumination.

While the style may be futuristic, the equation Honda used to create the new Valkyrie is the same as with the original. Starting with the Gold Wing, they stripped the chassis down to the bare essentials then grafted on a low, 28.8 in. seat height. Next, layer on only the most necessary components to achieve the muscular style and performance associated with the name. Oh, and update it by blacking out as much of the hardware as possible.

The angular LED headlight has a new flash-to-pass feature. The turn signals and brake lights are all LEDs, as well. The bodywork is minimal, consisting of fenders and covers for the side-mounted radiators, engine lowers, and side panels. The instrumentation is minimalist yet totally modern. The pillion and grab rails are removable, and covers will hide the mounting holes.

The Gold Wing’s fuel-injected 1832cc engine is known for its torque delivery. The shortened dual exhausts are designed to deliver a deeper exhaust note, while the airbox has additional intake holes to allow the rider to hear more of the resonant, throaty intake growl.

With higher pegs than the F6B, the Valkyrie should have even better cornering clearance.

With higher pegs than the F6B, the Valkyrie should have even better cornering clearance.

Add 10-spoke cast aluminum 19-inch front and 17-inch rear wheels and ladle on 130/60-19 and 180/55-17 radial tires, respectively. Make sure the brakes match the rubber by making them dual 310mm front discs with four-piston calipers and a single 316mm rear disc with a three-piston caliper. Give the customer a non-linked ABS option.

By lessening the mass of the Gold Wing, the Valkyrie will be able to do more with the power with which it was graced. The new Valkyrie weighs in at 750 lb. ready to ride. That’s 154 lb. less than the Wing! That’s the same as an instant horsepower bump.

Just sitting on the Valkyrie and lifting it off its side stand reveals not only the reduction in weight, but also the lowering of the CG. Speaking of low, the seat’s measured height is pretty low, but the width of the chassis may make the perceived seat height feel slightly higher than 28.8 inches listed.

Riders who have been fortunate enough to ride the old school Valk will feel instantly at home with only the slightly higher pegs giving a hint at a changed riding position. The upper body and arms fall into a slightly forward bend which will help handle the acceleration that the engine is sure to generate.

Cruise missile: The 2014 Honda Valkyrie is a bike that the faithful have been requesting for ten years.

Cruise missile: The 2014 Honda Valkyrie is a bike that the faithful have been requesting for ten years.

Honda says that the Valkyrie will be available in the spring of 2014 in black, dark red metallic, and blue metallic. Price has not been set, but it will surely retail for less than the $19,999 F6B.


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  • Kevin Duke

    So what do the Valkyrie faithful have to say about this new one?

    • selarsson

      Freaking UGLY! This is definitive proof that the design office at Honda is doing some potent meth during work hours.

      • fastfreddie

        Second that.The earlier valkyrie had classic lines.This just looks like it took an overdose of steroids.Someone should tell honda to take a different direction estetic-wise.

      • Joe Bleaux

        Agreed, Honda completely botched an opportunity here. “Futuristic”? If the future means we have to ride ugly plastic appliances then I’ll remain an old dinosaur on my ’01 Standard.

    • Kevin

      This one makes the ugly CTX 1300 look like a piece of art.

      • Kevin

        The CTX is a piece of art. I know that I, the real Kevin, will be buying one and riding it to all the parades I can find!

        • NaClDog

          The one I salivate over is the EV06. I’m almost 60, but not ready to “cash in” and ride a fat cruiser or touring bike!

          • Kevin Duke

            Yeah, bummed not to see this concept make it to production.

    • Adam G. Yoksas

      I think it’s a Valkyrie. It looks like a Valkyrie ought to look for the 21st century.

  • sgray44444

    FIRE EVERY ONE IN HONDA’S STYLING DEPT IMMEDIATELY! The Valkyrie interstate was one of the best looking bikes they ever made. If they would bring it back just as it was, people would be lining up to buy them, but no, they bring us this lame crap.

    • toomanycrayons

      Those “people” would be the ones lining up for fresher Depends and T-meds, and eating mystery meatloaf, creamed corn, scalloped potatoes and tapioca pudding at The Home? Look at a calendar. THE BIKE LOOKS GREAT! Maybe it isn’t just the hearing aid batteries that are getting low…

      • selarsson

        Please go see an ophthalmic surgeon.

        • toomanycrayons

          So, you’re imagining that with surgery my taste in design would more closely resemble yours? That’s what motorcycling is all about, after all, isn’t it: Conformity. Interesting, that you regard your own taste/conformity as being derived solely and immutably from a physical, not an aesthetic construction. I suppose by way of evolution? That does beg the question: Does evolution go backwards? Yeah, for some. It’s called, Nostalgia. And, it ain’t what it used to be…

          • sgray44444

            trolling trolling trolling… keep them ‘oldwings rolling… soon they’ll be releasing a trike

          • toomanycrayons

            Yeah, isn’t it the Godwin Law which claims it’s only a matter of time before every thread devolves to Hitler comments, or in your case, “troll?” 38 is a difficult developmental stage, according to research. It’s at that point in a males life when having potential doesn’t matter anymore. What have you done? Well, you didn’t make the final cut for your dream job at the Honda Style Werks, that’s a given. If you’re @38 and you still think the glittering poseur lump which preceded this bike is still relevant, if ever, then you have many style miles to go before you rest your three-wheeled aesthetic.

          • DickRuble

            OK Hitler.

          • toomanycrayons

            Welcome to the cancer that is my troll personality!

          • sgray44444

            Maybe that’s all true. I do think the last one was better looking. It’s just an opinion based on my preference. I’m willing to concede that not everyone will agree. I don’t know why you are so angry, but I sincerely hope you find out what really matters in life. I might not be a success by your definition, but I’m thankful for what I have. Peace and hope are worth more than anything material in this life. I’m sorry for angering you, and I hope that you have a great thanksgiving with those that you love. May God bless you.

          • toomanycrayons

            “I don’t know why you are so angry, but I sincerely hope you find out what really matters in life.”

            Who’s angry? I don’t know why you’re so sensitive. You called me a troll for liking the new bike. God blesses conformity from what I’m reading, and you speak for Him? Life is matter, period. Enjoy.

      • sgray44444

        I guess you’re entitled to show your bad taste, but I’m not exactly ancient- 38 isn’t young, but not too old yet. The bike looks great? LOL.. it is so wrong in so many ways. Too much plastic. Too many straight lines in all the wrong places. Heck, I like modern bikes. I ride a Speed Triple, which isn’t exactly a cruiser. Come on, this is just plain ugly.

        • john3347

          I’m 73 and I think is is not a good looking motorcycle. It may ride fine, and may have many notable attributes but styling is not one of them.

      • Nick Nitro

        I actually agree with this guy. I think the bike does look cool. *flies away*

        • toomanycrayons

          Thanks, Nick. “I guess you’re entitled to show your [good] taste,” too? I can’t wait to see one in the flesh.

          I was amazed, btw, that someone here was upset enough to impersonate my online fake name and follow me to other forums. Some people have a desperate need to control the message, and the messenger, it seems. The toomanycrayons message below was bogus:

          -toomanycrayons DickRuble

          • 19 days ago

          “Hot dogs are yummy!”

          It was THAT important. Imagine…

          • sgray44444

            Wasn’t me.

    • Ray Lee

      Maybe if people actually bought the Valkyrie when it was available, we would have more of them today. In fact, if people didn’t sit around until bikes were a year old or discontinued and forced “stealerships” to lose money on them, we’d have bikes that so many of you “die-hards” demanded. The American bike market is pretty much a joke because the consumer base here sucks.

      BTW, I kinda like the stylings of this bike and as it always seems to be with Hondas, I can guarantee this bike will look better in person.

      • sgray44444

        I finally go to see one. It DOES look better in person. Still not pretty to me, but it is much better in person.

  • Craig Hoffman

    Needs inverted forks and a styling rethink.

  • Clawbrant

    “The bodywork is minimal”. Ummmm….What?

  • Dr. Sprocket

    This just in! Honda has announced a renaming of the new Valkyrie. It will now be called the “Edsel”.

  • Kevin

    I almost like it but it’s kind of repulsive. There are some nice elements; the wheels, engine, pipe. Sounds awesome, nice horizontal lines, but Honda is making it hard for me to like their cruiser line up. Part of the charm a cruiser in particular is the elemental and mechanical personalities. Wrapping the engine cases up in pointless and weird plastic to hide the “naughty bits” is a wasted opportunity. The rear fender is very awkward. The radiator shrouds look like engorged labia – “Edsel” exactly. There is no negative space so it looks like a giant dildo.

  • Bmwclay

    Not bad, but I don’t see a big difference between it and the new F6B. Wonder if it has carried over the mechanical valves?

  • Arlo Sween

    It looks kinda like a cross between a BMW and an old Nimbus. And why do all the Honda articles sound like they were written by Honda’s PR branch?

    • Kevin

      If you think Brasfields’ Honda articles read like PR hype you should read his BMW stuff. I’m hoping the only reason they are using this free lance stuff is as a filler while they are out doing the long promised sport touring comparison.

      • Evans Brasfield

        Ah, Kevin, I can feel the love…

        • Kevin

          LSD went out in the ’70s dude.

          • Kevin

            LMAO! I love how funny my posts are. To be honest I love LSD and try to do it before breakfast everyday.

  • bigjames

    It’s a toned down Rune not an upgraded Valk. Pass.

  • Archie Dux

    The bike is named “Valkyrie.” It should look like it’s ready to take Viking warriors to Valhalla! Total lack of Viking styling aside, the bike should be a great ride. I personally do not want to spend car money on a bike powered by a giant Briggs and Stratton engine. The thirties were great, but they were 80 years ago. A bike does not need to look old.

    • toomanycrayons

      “A bike does not need to look old.”-Archie Dux

      So, you’re breaking away from the tired old rebel ethos that all these soul-wrinkled, retro-poseurs still cling to? I agree. The bike looks NEW, and, fabulously so. I might buy one just to spite everybody. That’s if they have any left…

      • DickRuble

        You do that, Hitler. That may be the only one Honda sells. This is DN-01 redux.

        • toomanycrayons

          Still planning the future in yer bunker rubble, Dick? I’ve been waiting all week to use that Godwin reference. It replaces Hitler as a go-to insult/conversation killer, don’t you think?

          Anyway, hope you can still get out for a warm(ish) ride where you are. Snow squalls, here. Sigh…

          • Kevin

            The only person mentioning Hitler on this thread is you doofus.

          • toomanycrayons

            Get Dick Ruble to explain it to you, Kevin. His chrome is brighter. When I mentioned Godwin’s Law what I was actually referring to was…?

          • Kevin

            No thanks. You sure talk a lot and little of it has anything to do with motorcycles. Goodbye.

          • toomanycrayons

            “No thanks. You sure talk a lot and little of it has anything to do with motorcycles. Goodbye.”-Kevin

            “LMAO! I love how funny my posts are. To be honest I love LSD and try to do it before breakfast everyday.”-Kevin

            Fair enough. Goodbye, Kevin.

  • Adam G. Yoksas

    I own a ’98 tourer in the jade green & black. Personally, I think the new Valkyrie hit the cues right. Some may long for the days of dripping chrome and carb racks. But customs have moved on, stylistically, from those days, just like they did with coffin tanks and 2′ high sissy bars from the 70’s to the 80’s.

    Some here cry “Edsel.” Well, a new, 2014 Valkyrie that looks like a ’97 Valkyrie /would be/ an Edsel….or worse…the Indian Chief. Nostalgia is one thing; if you like the old Valk that much, you should get an old Valk. I’d sell you mine for the right price. But to expect the new Valk to look like our old Valk, just because we demand that it ought, only points /us/ out as outdated. This is how customs should roll these days, and the Valkyrie ought to roll with it (not against it).

    The new Valkyrie fits in with the modern, aggressive look pioneered by the Victory Vision, the Harley V-Rod and the Suzuki M109. I think it looks very much like a Valkyrie for the new millennium. It looks like something out of Akira, not like something out of Terminator 2.

  • Rick Vera

    For the same reason why I’m not a fan of the Electra Glide, I’m not a big fan of this either. The H-D, like most other “full dressers,” started life as a simpler design (Road King, Cross Roads, etc.), but then the rest of the kit is kind of just bolted on. This hodgepodge approach to these types of tourers ruins the elemental shapes such as the simple tanks and clean air-cooled looks. The smooth, rounded tank is rendered pointless, especially from the side view, as its flanked by lowers and a batwing fairing that visually intersects the tank. Why have a nice rounded rear fender if its obscured by the same parallelogram bags you’ve had forever? The visual impact of being able to see parts of the engine through the frame is absent due to all the shit that surrounds it now. The Valkyrie is the opposite, but the idea of taking a bike engineered for one design philosophy then repurposing it to suit another is still the same.

    This Gold Wing turned cruiser-thing just falls apart design-wise, in my opinion. The rear fender and radiator shrouds are the most glaring examples of this chassis/suspension setup not being too well suited for this bare-bones theme. The rear fender, when viewed from the back, pops way out half way down — it’s ghastly. The big radiator shrouds makes sense on a full-dress or bagger, but I don’t know anyone that’s clambering for tons of wind protection for their legs but doesn’t even bother with a fly screen.

    Now, I’m normally the last person to decry bikes with styling/riding triangles/etc. that break from rigid definitions of certain genres; I’m normally the one defending the likes of Victory Vision and Honda CTX-1300. However, this bike just doesn’t do it for me. Bike’s like the Star Roadliner with its pushrod 113cu.in engine and art deco gauge cluster just drip cool to me. The MV Agusta F3’s performance and design make me covet it, greatly. I can even find a spot in my heart for bland rides like the NT700V or Burgman 600 because they’re commuter-friendly and smartly packaged — I get that. The Valkyrie has none of this.

  • George Erhard

    Well it’s not the Rune…. but it doesn’t really say ‘cruiser’ to me. If they’re trying to sell it as a hotrodded Gold Wing, okay… but it needs less bodywork to be a Valk.

  • Russ Archer

    The Triumph Rocket III has already beat this new Valk in performance (and looks IMHO). Unless this new Valk can beat the Rocket III Roadster’s MSRP of $15K, it will be DOA.

  • Dougie Fresh

    Here’s my 2 cents, I’m a Harley rider but really like the F6B, I think Honda really has a winner with that bike, if I didn’t own so much Harley stuff I would even buy one, but this new Valkyrie, what were they thinking, from one success to a big failure.

  • hal

    Mebbe the optional Honda saddle bags might conceal the awkward rear fender…..

  • Doug Runia

    I own an “old” Valkyrie” and have been waiting for Honda to reintroduce it. I have to say I’m disappointed. Still to much plastic. You have a beast of an engine. Show it off!

  • SiouxCity Stanley

    I bought a new 98 Valkyrie. I rode it for about 12 yrs. It was like 850 lbs and my being a shorty at 5’2″ and having replaced my light late wife with a heavier gal made it tougher than ever…so when I reached 75 yrs of age I sold it . I will miss it for the rest of my days same as I will my late wife who ate, slept and breathed motorcycling-and read MCN, AMA & Cycle World cover to cover each month (I just looked at the pictures). I now have a DN01, my old 46 Indian and my old ’49 Cushman. Good combo for a little old 76 yr old, huh?

    • john3347

      You have a ’49 Cushman. I love them. What I would really love to be able to afford would be a Mustang (the junior motorcycle). I had one back in the day. Sold it when I joined the army in 1959. I don’t much like the styling of the new Valkyrie.

    • john3347

      You have a ’49 Cushman. I love them. What I would really love to be able to afford would be a Mustang (the junior motorcycle). I had one back in the day. Sold it when I joined the army in 1959. I don’t much like the styling of the new Valkyrie.