What happens when Harley-Davidson upgrades the suspension and beefs up the brakes of its iconic and much-customized 1200 Sportster? You get the 2016 Roadster. While the powerplant remains the same 1202cc air-cooled 45° V-Twin Evolution engine, the character of the Sportster gets an attitude adjustment for people who like to go around corners. By increasing the rear suspension travel and altering the angle of the frame relative to the road, H-D has created a Sportster that doesn’t shy away from winding roads. The addition of a second 300mm front disc adds braking power to the Roadster’s street cred – all wrapped in a minimalist styling package inspired by home garage customizers.

How well did the Roadster work? Take a look at the video below before heading on over to read the full test.

2016 Harley-Davidson Roadster First Ride Review

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  • TheMarvelous1310

    The flag atop this mountain holds my insignia! Look upon my promptness, and despair!

  • mark lang

    A Harley (that is not a Buell) with suspension…what…what planet is this???
    Must be a dream!

  • Starmag

    One word. Thruxton. This should have been a XR1200 with a real seat and a larger but still beautiful metal gas tank if Harley wanted a better all-arounder with wider appeal. XR1200’s had +20hp on this with the same motor. Even better they could offer a quick release windshield and soft bags with waterproof liners for it to widen it’s appeal further.