Since my review of Ducati’s all-new Panigale V4 was posted, I’ve had several friends reach out to ask me – candidly – if it’s really as good as I claimed in my report. Indeed, it truly is.

2018 Ducati Panigale V4 First Ride Review

Ducati has done a magnificent job of taking lessons it learned in MotoGP and applying them to this V-4-powered street superbike. It had to, as the Italian brand’s legions of V-Twin fans would revolt if it weren’t.

Italophile skeptics of a four-cylinder Ducati need not fear the V4 Panigale. It’s easily one of the best sportbikes on the market, and it might even be the best street superbike I’ve ever thrown a leg over, with incredible arm-tugging power, sci-fi-level electronics, and sublime agility enabled by the engine’s MotoGP-inspired counter-rotating crankshaft.

MO’s 2017 Superbike Shootout

Please click on the link above for the full story on the Panigale V4. If you’ve already digested it and want to see and hear the seductive V-4 at full song, just scroll down a little bit further.

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  • Mad4TheCrest

    In the video, Duke said ‘… it will make a lot of owners happy … if they can afford it…’

    Affordability is a key question for a beautiful but narrowly-focused motorcycle. I also think the choices for buyers is a little muddled with the various models. If Ducati had skipped the 1103 cc and come out only with the race-sanctioned 1000cc in three versions: standard, ‘S’, and ‘R’, it would have been much easier to choose.

    • DickRuble

      Agreed. They chose to larger engine to be able to claim the top power, as someone else pointed out. It makes any comparison, a moot point. Fast forward to next year when the 999 will be available.

      • Dario Pinolini

        The 1000 cc has already been presented, look at Ducati Barni Team.
        The engine hp output is over 250 hp right now.

        • Mad4TheCrest

          Barni Ducati are racing in WSBK and the V-twin 1198cc panigale ‘R’ is still the platform. Where are they using the 1000cc V4? Do you have a link you can share to the news of the 1000?

          • Dario Pinolini

            Look in YouTube name video
            Ducati Panigale V4 Racing Team Barni Presentation.

            They will race in National Trophy
            Is the Italian superbike series with Ivan Goi and Luca Conforti as pilots

          • Mad4TheCrest

            Cool. Getting a local test before going WSBK.


    Panigale S and an Isle of Man logo helmet. Something to aspire to.

    • Patricia

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  • Shlomi

    I would fear buying any first year Ducati, especially one with completely new engine. I hope it comes with metal gas tank, so it will not expand ….

    • toomanycrayons

      “I would fear buying any first year Ducati, especially one with completely new engine.”-Shlomi

      Who buys a bike in this range that can’t afford mistakes?

      • DickRuble

        You seem to be confusing the Harley crowd, who will repeatedly “afford” another expensive mistake to park in the “living room” of their trailer, and Euro bike buyers.

        • toomanycrayons

          ‘You seem to be confusing the Harley crowd, who will repeatedly “afford” another expensive mistake to park in the “living room” of their trailer, [with] Euro bike buyers.’


        • spiff

          “In the living room of their trailer”. lol My dad said Harley riders teeth were so bad because they used their tooth brush to clean the bike. (He was joling folks.)

          • DickRuble

            I was only partly kidding. At my first MSF class, during some discussion about how to secure your bike, we were asked where we keep ours. A couple said they kept theirs in their trailer/mobile home living room, because they were afraid of thefts. We were in TX and back then, in that area, a big size trailer was about $20k. I think each of their bikes was close to that price. When asked why she was taking the class, the woman said “because I got this Harley, and I ride fine in straight line but I cannot turn at all”.

          • spiff

            I recommend I10 for her.

      • Shlomi

        Sorry I don’t get it.

        • toomanycrayons

          The “range” referred to the cost of the Ducati being discussed. These are butt-jewelry toys for non-racers. If anyone can’t afford another/improved one, maybe they shouldn’t buy the first?

          Well, unless you take Nicole’s advise, above, and Goℴgle gives you 99 dollars per-hour to go online (presumably) doing unmentionable things with body parts, machinery and/or pets. Please. Don’t…

          • Shlomi

            First the Ducati is not more expensive than economy sport sedan like Subaru WRX or Golf GTI, so people that can afford it may not be that rich who don’t give a damn about their money. Second even rich people don’t like to buy lousy products. I owned Ducati MTS before that cost abit less than this basic Panigale. When it’s fuel tank expanded, Ducati changed it under warranty with the same freaking tank!!!! Which manufacture other than Ducati does that?

          • toomanycrayons

            “Which manufacture other than Ducati does that?”-Shlomi

            Typically ALL manufacturers empty their shelves of the exact same defective parts filling warranty claims. What, you thought they just binned them?

            If you have Panigale S/WRX/GTI type money just to invest in impressing people at the Daily Grind, good for you. So do I. It’s what make meaningless consumerism great.

            “Second even rich people don’t like to buy lousy products.”

            OK, for some people, 2008 Wall Street never happened, right? “Rich people,” on the other hand, might simply be the ultimate “lousy product.” #WH45, for example…no refund, no warranty. Total “as-is,” from the looks of it. Good Luck, with your swollen tank, btw.

    • Mad4TheCrest

      Ducati learned from its plastic tank expansion mistake. All Ducati’s come with metal tanks except for those with tanks hidden beneath covers (Standard Diavel, Multistrada). All Panigales have metal tanks.

      Aprillia for some reason persists with plastic, as does MV Augusta and KTM. But I haven’t heard any recent stories of tank expansion from these marques, although without firm evidence of a materials change I’d suspect expansion could still happen. It would be good if MO would weigh in and inform us on the current state of this issue. Is it solved or just not discussed? I’ve noted that MV’s carry a stock warning against use of ethanol in fuel – as if that were feasible for most of us in the US!

  • spiff

    This bike is going to be seriously collectable. Makes me want to buy one just to putt around on ten mile a month. Keep everything in running order, and the miles down…. Then you start riding it to work… Never mind.

  • Starmag

    Not in the market for one of these but that was a great video. No music over the engine sounds, the drone shots, the narration and breakdown, editing, etc. Well done. I also, with JMDGT. dig your IOM Bell.

    • Kevin Duke

      Glad you enjoyed it, thanks!

      • Nicole

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  • Andrew Harding

    Looks like it needs a steering damper. Exhaust note sounds great!
    Is this a desmo?

    • toomanycrayons

      “Exhaust note sounds great!”-Andrew Harding

      It does, doesn’t it? Finally a Ducati that doesn’t bark like an angry ATV. V4 is the way to go.