This past weekend, more than 81,000 Ducatisti congregated at Misano World Circuit Marco Simoncelli for World Ducati Week. While most of the event was a big red love-in, perhaps the biggest news to come from the weekend was the announcement of the limited edition 1299 Panigale S Anniversario and a special sneak peak at a brand new Ducati SuperSport model.

Much like it did at the previous WDW in 2014 with the Scrambler, Ducati let people see the SuperSport in a closed room with no cameras or cell phones allowed. Of course, that didn’t deter some people from trying, with one intrepid photographer managing to leak a photo of an S version of the SuperSport onto the internet.


From the photo, we can see a new fairing design covering what looks to be the chassis of the Monster 1200. The shape of the trellis and the laydown shock look like they came straight from the Monster, as does the swingarm. The engine, however, will be the four-valve 937cc Twin that also powers the Hyperstrada family.

At that displacement, the SuperSport comes just 18cc short of the 959 Panigale but Ducati makes it clear the two bikes fit different needs. While the mini-Panigale is a racebike that can be ridden on the road, Ducati describes the SuperSport as a sporty road bike that will be “accessible also to new comers to the Ducati world thanks to its easy riding, weight, performance and price.”

This Supersport’s taller seat, different exhaust design and apparently longer seat-to-peg distance just might cure everything MO didn’t like about the current Monster. A Ducati sportbike with relatively high bars and an unobstructed right footpeg area sounds like just what the doctor ordered, but judging from the dramatically scooped seating area we might not be getting the longer seat-to-peg distance for which we’re so desperately longing.

Ducati will reveal full details including specifications for the 2017 SuperSport and SuperSport S in November at the EICMA show in Milan.

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  • Craig Hoffman

    The race was for vehicles with a value of $500 or less. Therefore, that POS bastardized Prius is not worth more than $500 😉

  • Old MOron

    Detective Dennis never rests.

    • denchung

      I don’t deserve much credit for this. Ducati may have said this was a closed preview with no photography allowed, but with the technology available today, it’s not really a surprise that something would emerge online.

      Plus, I’m Canadian, so I had my holiday on Friday.

  • Born to Ride

    God effing dammit Ducati. I have literally been waiting for this bike since the new monsters came out. Then got tired of waiting and bought a multistrada 1100s. Then they release the damn thing. Hate.

  • I’m sorry, how can this be a Supersport if it’s liquid-cooled? What happened?

    • denchung

      Euro 4.

    • Born to Ride

      Emmisions regulations ruin everything we love.

      • Ser Samsquamsh

        Like fresh air?

        • Born to Ride

          Overrated. Also I seriously doubt that humanity’s carbon footprint was significantly reduced by legislating air cooled Ducatis out of existence.

          • spiff

            One ocean freighter probably does more damage than every air cooled engine made in the last 50 years.

          • Ser Samsquamsh

            One freighter, which can carry 5000-10000 containers per journey, “doing more damage” than the hundreds of millions of air cooled engines built since 1966? That seems highly improbable.

          • spiff

            So your saying there’s a chance. 🙂

          • Ser Samsquamsh

            We will have to test it: one super cargo ship in one corner, 450 million chain saws, whippers, scooters and lawnmowers in the other!

          • spiff

            And a bunch of old Porches, VW mini buses and BMW Boxers.

          • john phyyt

            Don’t forget China and India’s whole brace of “New” coal fired power stations. Helping lift a whole generation of humanity out of wretched, starved , brutal poverty.

          • spiff

            All said and done, “they” could concentrate on a couple of big problems (power plants, freighters, etc) and make a much bigger difference. A Huskvarna chain saw and Ducati twin are hang nails on a man going into cardiac arrest.

          • Ser Samsquamsh

            Maybe but all those problems are driven by consumer demand, or as John quipped, elevating starving people out of terrible conditions. So “they” is “us” and “we” are just currently ahead of the curve.

          • spiff

            I think that big business (bigger than Audi, Ducati’ mom) has enough money and power to push people to do good somewhere else. I have no problem with a Euro 4 standard. These bikes make so much power that they still entertain while being clean(er). My issue is “us” ignoring “them”. We are pawns in their game. Clean power plants and the equivalent are not out of reach, just not a concern to those with power. I don’t disagree with you, just these feelings are also in my head.

          • spiff
          • Ser Samsquamsh

            Euro 4 is about NOx and particulate emissions not carbon. Spend a month in Beijing with all that retro-style air pollution and then tell us what you think about clean air.

          • Born to Ride

            Beijing is completely unregulated as far as air pollution goes. And factories are the primary cause of the ecological disaster that is their air quality. I live in California where the air pollutant standards are higher than anywhere else in the US and the air cooled ducs passed emissions no problem until euro regs crashed the party. For the record, my air is plenty clean enough for my liking.

          • Ser Samsquamsh

            Fine – you like dirty air and wearing a plastic bag full of petrol fumes on your head. I like pristine, pine-scented mountain air. Each to their own.

    • Buzz

      Ask your lefty friends.

  • Flubbly

    Looking forward to the the Hunter S Thompson review

  • William Marvin Parker

    Bring back the trellis and not the weird half Version…

    • Born to Ride

      The rear portion of the trellis only really ever supported the rider. The new steering head trellis thing is less appealing visually to be sure. However, by reducing the length of the members in the truss and only including the connection points that are necessary for controlling the front end strain, they have effectively isolated the portion of the frame that is utilized for steering from unnecessary loading caused by supporting the rider. It is all very sound engineering from the elementary understanding of stress analysis that I possess.

      • William Marvin Parker

        I’m not an engineer, but I believe the semi frameless on the panigale didn’t work in MotoGP and doesn’t provide the rider with feel they need. The half frame looks weird and I’d assume your not going to get the feedback of a conventional twin spar frame, or a full trellis like Ducati used to utlilize..

  • ColoradoS14

    Awesome, I need more options in this arena! I am going to be replacing my Aprilia Shiver in the next couple years and along with ADV and Naked will be looking at Sport Touring bikes. In this arena most of the bikes gravitate too far to touring for me. I never to more than a single night ride and am a light packer so a backpack and tail bag get the job done but what I do want is a 2/3 Panigale that is all day comfortable.

    • Born to Ride

      I am just hoping that they include the option for some good quality hard luggage. Narrow and cleanly detachable like the TV800.

    • Ian Parkes


      • ColoradoS14

        Great bike but that Italian sexiness has won me over… Now if Aprilia adapted their V4 to a bike similar to the VFR…

  • james cadros

    Ducati Panigale 2015

    13,000 miles
    Full service History
    Tail Tidy with flush led indicators
    Front mirror blanks with led indictors
    180 degree panoramic rear camera
    K&N Air filter
    Termignoni exhaust and remap by Ducati
    New rear Tyre
    All original parts to come with bike

    The photos do not do the bike justice and highly recommend viewing to see its true beauty, two keys. The bike is HPI clear

  • kenneth_moore

    The way the upper part of the fairing flows into the tank is gorgeous. It’s hard to tell for sure from the photo, but it looks seamless. Even if it isn’t it’s still beautiful. This is the first Duc I’ve really appreciated the design of since the 916 generation.

    • Born to Ride

      While a seamless tank/fairing junction would indeed be very beautiful, I can’t imagine it would aid a technician in completing the already expensive 4-Valve desmo service.


    Now we have something here maybe, if someone can make a real sport touring motorcycle without weighting 600 lbs + which in this day is BS. To ALL the company’s out there here’s an idea say: 900-1100cc with 130-150 hp at the rear wheel and weight 460-480 lbs is that so HARD. Suzuki GSXR 750? or 1000? Would be great just change the fairing/bars/seat and gearing done without adding 50 lbs and decreasing the power by 40hp. Suzuki GSX-S 1000F is a good starter but for one person the tail end looks like a ski slope??? HINT modify the body work from your Hayabusa/ZX 14R. Thx

  • trvlr

    I like to go places on my motorcycles. Places far away from home. You might have guessed that from my handle. The closest I came to considering a Ducati was the ST3 and ST4 bikes and to say they were sales flops is being kind. This thing looks nice but it doesn’t look like something I’d want to ride a 500-mile day, much less an Iron Butt. And where do I pack my tooth brush? I guess the wounds are still too raw for Ducati to think about building a sport-touring bike.

    • Ian Parkes

      Multistrada? I know it looks offroaderish but it has 17in wheels and proper tyres. A UK bike mag editor rode one from the Bol d’Or (I think at Paul Ricard circuit) back to the middle of England in one day and still felt sprightly enough to do the dishes when he got home. He virtually raved about the comfort.

      • ColoradoS14

        Yep Ducati builds a sport touring bike, the Multi, CycleWorld named it their best sport touring bike for . With that being said, if the seat on this is comfy I could see you doing back-to-back 500 mi. days with an over night no problem. I do that on my Aprilia Shiver with a Kriega R20 Backpack and a US10 Drypack and that gets me everything I need provided I pack light.