By now you probably know that I really like the 2017 Ducati Supersport and Supersport S. The comfortable sporty-bike that’s equally at home on the racetrack or on a weekend roadtrip, the Supersport combines good looks, sporting chops, and the ergos to stay in the saddle for a while. The best thing about the Supersport is its versatility. Whether it’s playing in the canyons, cutting laps, or simply commuting to and from the office, the Supersport is the kind of bike you might want if you could only have one bike in the garage to do everything.

Power for the Supersport comes from the 937cc Twin also used in the Hypermotard. It’s an engine we love around here, as it delivers enough power to have fun without overwhelming newer riders or boring the more experienced. If Goldilocks rode motorcycles, this might be the engine she’d pick for her bike. Suspension is provided by Marzocchi and Sachs for the standard model, or Ohlins for the upspec S version, and really, both work very well in their roles. But then again, if you’ve already read my review of the Supersport then you’d know that.

Here, then, is what I have to say about the new Ducati Supersport, shot soon after I finished riding both the standard and S version in and around Seville, Spain, including at the Circuit Monteblanco racetrack.

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  • xenos

    Nice video. I’d love to see a comparo of some of these awesome sporty do everything bikes in this power range; Striple 765, Supersport, FZ-09, etc.

    • spiff

      Agreed, but this class is hard to pin down. I see the class being middle weight road bikes. MO should do a comparison of faired and unfaired 100 to 130 horse bikes.

      For no reason other than I would enjoy reading it.


    I guess you could upgrade the brakes after the warranty runs out. I love this machine.

    • spiff

      For street use they are probably pretty good. I would like to hear a comparison to an 02 R1’s brakes. They were pretty good for the day, and damn good for street use. Brembos M50s have really spoiled these journalists.

      BTW, the next bike I buy will have Brembos M50s. So a lot of “the pot calling the kettle black” going on here.

      • TroySiahaan

        Yes, for street use these brakes are fine. Hell, for track use they’re fine, too. But I had to nitpick about something, and an Nth degree more braking power and feel would have been nice. Deal breaker the way it is? Not by a long shot.

      • JMDGT

        There is no substitute for good brakes. I’m sure you are right about street duty. What I would consider stellar is another man’s shitty. I am more curious about how the insurance companies will classify this Sport Tourer. My insurance company hasn’t figured it out yet. If it is a Sport Tourer it will cost about 500 per year if a Sport bike it will be more like 1200 a year. For me that is. I’m all in for the best brakes available.

        • Spinkick

          Thats my thing too. Will insurance companies price this thing fairly? I mean a 959 is just a bit more than an S. Or a new r1.. I know its supposed to be more for the road, but those bikes are so sexy too.. Why does this 939 need to cost what it does?

        • Born to Ride

          My guess is it will be priced nearly identical to the 959 for insurance.

  • gjw1992

    Yes, very good summary. And this looks to me even more like a great all-purpose bike than I’d previously guessed. Also looks like the type of bike Honda should be producing (again) – a lightish 750-850 vfr. Not the worthy current heavy 800 nor the current 1200 (that 1200 v4 should go into a new pan european/ST). Still, what do I know.

  • Jens Vik

    Is the sound of the supersport really this dull, or is it more to it than this video conveys?

  • Vrooom

    I don’t know about giving this to new riders, but I usually recommend new riders start with a 250/300. However that doesn’t mean they do. Like to see Ducati resurrect the ST series, that was a perfect bike. Still, no bike does it all unless it can navigate a dirt road with some aplomb.

  • Old MOron

    “Not too much, not too little,” you say?

    • spiff

      The Goldilocks bike.

  • Mark Vizcarra

    If only the CA roads looked that clean

    • Joe

      Seriously, after all the rain these past couple months, our roads are destroyed

  • Strat

    Definitely a possibility. Ohlins is nice but I have no interest in the quick shifter.

    • spiff

      Play with one, and you may change your mind.

  • Paul Denne

    What a shit job you have…actually not. The Supersport seems to hit the spot for most journos I’ve seen/read that have tested it. I have a 959 and am considering downsizing as it’s just for the city use, I’ve got an R1 for the track. Thanks for the appraisal!

    • TroySiahaan

      Ha! Yeah, this job really stinks! 😉

      Obviously a bike purchase is a personal decision, but if you have a 959 for city use, I think you’ll like trading for the Supersport. Good luck!

      • Paul Denne

        You and the team at do a great job. Opinion on bikes from all different rider angles. Thanks!

    • Andre Capitao Melo

      Regarding high praise from journalists,I think that the new Street Triple got even more than the Supersport.

      • DAVID

        These are the 2 bikes I’m considering supersport or the triple. My own opinion the supersport is a littler over price, I’m leaning more towards the new triple (40 lbs lighter!) put a wind screen on good to go! getting tired of all these fairings yes they look NICE!!! but scratches easy and for maintenance you need an engineering degree and patients of a saint to do that even people I know that take fairings off say the same thing!!!. The RS model for 12,500 just might be a bargain specs-110hp rw, 415 lbs wet, great suspension for either a track day or a 400 mile day and don’t forget that sexy dash!!!! that is full color (like really smart phones have them for yrs – cheap – to other motorcycle companies) and that is user friendly. Damn I think I sold myself!!!!