Ducati’s Monster is the O.G. of naked sportbikes, first bursting on the moto scene back in 1993 with an air-cooled 904cc V-Twin engine. The liquid-cooled 1200 Monster debuted in 2014, and already it has received several worthy updates to make it more appealing to riders looking for svelter Italian style mixed in with extra power and state-of-the-art technology.

The 2017 Monster 12 appears slightly tidier than previous, with a slimmer tailsection and a narrower fuel tank that has been restyled to look like the original Monster’s. A fresh face is presented by a new headlight. Horsepower has been uprated to 150 crankshaft ponies, and Bosch’s Cornering ABS has been added to the Ducati Safety Pack. A new swingarm yields a slightly shorter wheelbase for quicker steering, and the color TFT instrumentation now includes a fuel gauge and gear-position indicator. The Monster 1200 retails for $14,695, while the up-spec 1200S starts at $16,995.

2017 Ducati Monster 1200S First Ride Review

Full details of the Monster 1200 can be found at the link above, including how Ducati fixed the confined foot-space that was a genuine annoyance on the previous edition. And now we bring you sights and sounds of the latest Monster being thrashed in the mountains around Monaco in the video you can see below.

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  • Born to Ride

    I really like the “updated” aesthetics after seeing them in motion. They took a step in the right direction, backwards. I also like the use of the term uprated to describe the incremental increase in power, as it is likely nothing more than advertising fluff.

    • Kevin Duke

      Well, the non-S 1200s got a 15 crankshaft hp claimed boost, which is nothing to sneeze at, right?

  • spiff

    Does the R have the shortened swing arm?

    • Kevin Duke

      No changes to the R were announced, so it’ll have the same specs as last year.

  • spiff

    Is it true that there will be an SDR launch Monday? Are you going to be there?

    • Kevin Duke

      Yep, SDR launch next week. Review by Tom Roderick by next Friday.

      • spiff

        Tom, I’ve got questions.

  • Alex Kaow

    The videoguy is a really cool guy. Nice straight forward, no hassle or nagging, facts and feels commentary. lots of things i wanted to know in a short vid without things i don’t want to know.