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Cruisers come in a wide array of styles and displacements and are designed with a laid-back riding position. Appealing to the bad boys in us all, the majority of contemporary cruisers are modeled after classic American bikes like Harley-Davidsons and Indians. A V-Twin motor is the typical powerplant, most often air-cooled, although that’s not always the case. A Cruiser rider generally is set into a position with feet forward and hands in a neutral or high position. This makes cruisers a popular choice for casual riding. And depending on the model and its options, they can also be suitable for distance riding, spawning a sub-class of Touring Cruisers.

2005 V-Rod versus 2006 Street Rod

MOrons Don Crafts and George Obradovich just completed a nice little comparo ride, contrasting the Harley V-Rod with the new Harley StreetRod. This is their take on the two bikes.

2005 Victory Hammer & 8-Ball Intro

Touring Cruiser, Vegas, Kingpin, they're all equipped with an excellent 92 cubic inch overhead cam V-twin and they all tend to posses superior dynamic qualities compared to typical cruisers.

2005 Honda VTX1800F

In case you haven't read enough on MO about cruisers in the last month, we bring you the latest iteration of Honda's "extreme" VTX 1800 power cruiser.

2005 Kymco Venox

Here in the US of A, the land of free choice, we actually don't have a lot of choices when it comes to small, inexpensive cruisers. Enter the dragon with the Kymco Venox. At $3,999, the Venox is a terrific value.

2005 Suzuki M50 Boulevard

Vrooooom Brappppaaaaaah... That's the sound of a big 45°, offset crank pin V-twin being revved, the noise echoing off the walls of the urban canyon that is the native habitat of the cruiser rider.

2005 Vulcan Nomad 1600

So when I was invited to the press intro for the new 1600 Nomad, I was interested to see how Kawasaki might have improved their product in this important market segment.

2005 Buell and Harley Davidson Line-up

The riding position is athletic. Agility is uncompromised. The torque is unreal. Compact and narrow in profile, the Buell Thunderstorm – V-Twin engine is the perfect powerplant for serious street performance.

2006 H-D VRSCR Street Rod

f MO had a nickel for every time a reader suggested that Harley shoehorn a V-Rod motor into a Buell chassis, well... we'd have a bunch of nickels.

Dawn of the Neo-Power-Touring-Cruiser

EBass has spent time on three different V-Rods in the last eighteen months. So, when he asked if he could do a V-Rod vs. Kingpin comparo, I naturally assumed he was just trying to whore some more seat-time on the fastest Harley. After listening for his re

2004 Yamaha V-max

Yamaha's V-Max is the Jerry Rice of motorcycles. Been around for almost 20 years. A living legend. Light years ahead of its competition back in the days of its youth.

Honda Shadow A.C.E. v. Yamaha V-Star 1100

You want a big cruiser but you don't need a large 1500 cc behemoth that weighs close to half-a-ton fully loaded. You want something you can cruise down the boulevard on but you want to be able to handle a corner or two. You want one of these...

2004 Big Dog Ridgeback

Motorcycles are motorcycles and if you can love the Concours, while ridiculing it at the same time, you probably understand where those of us in the chopper world are coming from. So again, yes, this is a motorcycle and it is a beast!

2004 Kawasaki Vulcan 2000

had a brief fling with Kawasaki's Uber Vulcan, when I picked it up from Kawasaki in Irvine and delivered it to MO HQ. in Torrance.

04 Harley Line Up

Despite the widespread perception that nothing much changes so far as the H-D lineup from year to year, occasionally they'll surprise you.

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