In case you don’t follow NASCAR, Can-Am/BRP will be one of the series’ official sponsors in 2016. Leading up to the 58th Annual Daytona 500 on Feb. 21, 2016, Can-Am will be the title sponsor of the Can-Am Duels at Daytona Feb. 18th-19th which consist of two 150-mile qualifying races that finalize the starting lineup for the Daytona 500. With an opportunity to be seen by so many eyeballs at once, Can-Am decided to put together a special NASCAR-themed Spyder concept vehicle to showcase its performance potential.

Can-Am Teases Daytona 500 Spyder Announcement In Faux Press Conference

Based on a production version of the Spyder F3, this one-off reverse trike puts out a beefy 150 hp and 137 lb-ft of torque at 6,800 rpm and 5,000 rpm, respectively. To get that output, the Rotax 1330cc Spyder F3 engine receives some breathing assistance from a turbocharger and a set of 3-into-3 Akrapovic straight pipes.

The increased output enables this Spyder to run from zero to 60 mph in a claimed 4.3 seconds and notch a quarter-mile in 12.3 seconds. Perhaps the most exciting feature of the concept is the new SPORT mode with retuned wheel-spin parameters that allow for controlled rear wheel drifts. While pulling away from a stop to the smell of burning rubber has always been fun on Spyders, the nannies always shut down the party whenever corners were approached with too much vigor. Hopefully the SPORT mode and its more hooliganish power delivery will trickle down to production Spyders.


Since NASCAR is also about showmanship and attitude, the Spyder concept needed to be dressed up for the big show. Three racing slicks replace the DOT street skins while Fox high-performance shocks take care of suspension duties. The front end of the Spyder gains a NASCAR-inspired front spoiler to go along with the oversized lower grill. The enlarged hood also allows for the engine’s heavier breathing with a restyled air intake. Capping the front end is a LED front signature light.

The rider gets a new solo seat with a bobbed tail section. Assisting in the rider retainment under the acceleration provided by the turbo-augmented power delivery, a drag bar puts the rider’s hands in an optimal hang-on-and-go position. Other goodies include AutoMeter boost gauge and instrumentation. To add to the purposeful controls, a racing cut-off switch was also installed. The Spyder wears a Circuit Yellow paint scheme, complete with custom race graphics.


While this special Spyder is not destined for showrooms, we hope that some of the technology makes its way into production units – particularly the SPORT mode. The NASCAR Spyder concept vehicle will be on display at NASCAR races throughout the season.

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  • Old MOron

    I haven’t read the article, just saw the opening statement and couldn’t help myself:

    “In case you don’t follow NASCAR…”

    Bwa-ha ha-ha! Follow NASCAR! Sorry, I’m still laughing. Bwa-ha ha-ha ha-ha ha-ha!
    Good one, Evans.

    • Kenneth

      While I have no interest in anything to do with NASCAR (pertaining to the cars, the racers, and the fans), if it were to be a road race featuring race-prepped Can-Am Roadsters, that would be a step in the right direction.

      • 12er

        I try and watch the Daytona 500 just to keep my ‘merkin card, but watching traffic all day does get tiring.

      • TheMarvelous1310 .

        I mostly just watch the Sonoma races, but they’ve been throwing some legit road courses in as of last season. Even had the trucks on road courses, the TRUCKS! It was hilarious.

    • TheMarvelous1310 .

      You put out the least actual content on this site, despite farting out the most comments. Dubious achievement.

      • Old MOron

        Yes, and I fart in your general direction.

  • TheMarvelous1310 .

    So can I buy this exact Can-Am? Same paint and everything? I’d pay an extra ten grand for it. I’d even buy my own street tires! They make PS2 Michelins in that size, right? Sure they do!