BMW‘s R NineT will be joined by three variants next year including the R NineT Scrambler that debuted last fall at EICMA. BMW had previously confirmed the Scrambler will join the R NineT in dealerships in the third quarter but a new executive order published by the California Air Resources Board, BMW has received certification for two more variants: the R NineT Pure and the R NineT Racer.

The four models share the same 1170cc engine and yes, BMW says its air-cooled boxer is Euro 4 compliant. The executive order doesn’t provide any details on how this was achieved but the certified emission levels for both hydrocarbons and carbon monoxide for the 2017 engine are lower than their certified 2016 levels.

The executive order also offers no clue as to how the Pure or Racer models will be different from the other two models. One of these will surely be based on the Lac Rose concept presented at the Wheels & Waves Festival in June. Inspired by BMW’s Paris-Dakar bike, the Lac Rose concept could fit the definition of a “Racer,” though a café racer may be a more likely fit for the name.

When BMW presented the Lac Rose concept, Edgard Heinrich, Head of Design at BMW Motorrad, described it as “our laid-back and very individual interpretation of the bike that won the Paris-Dakar Rallye in 1985.” From the descriptors “laid-back” and “individual,” the name “Pure” may also be a fit.

We expect BMW to reveal the R NineT Pure and R NineT Racer at this fall’s two big motorcycle shows, Intermot and EICMA. Until then, check back here on MO for the latest information as it emerges.

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  • JMDonald

    I love these bikes. I would love them more at around 12 grand out the door. I know. Who wouldn’t?

    • Born to Ride

      Supposedly, the 4 new models were developed in order to make the platform price competitive. Lower spec suspension, brakes, and cast wheels are being used to lower the price. So lets hold judgement till then. The R9t is quite possibly the most “right” motorcycle that I have ridden since the first time I slung a leg over my S2R1000. The aesthetics, ergonomics, and “character”(ugh, I hate that I don’t have a better adjective than that) were perfect. I loved the bike, but no way no how was I spending 16 grand OTD for a bike that is basically BMW’s attempt at liquefying otherwise sunk capital. These bikes should be 12-13 grand OTD based on their equipment and performance, even relative to other “heritage” brands like H-D, this bike is overpriced. I will buy a used one once they are under 10k in a few more years.

      • JMDonald

        The RnineT is on my list. It is in my top five.

  • Gary

    BMW is stupid, stupid, stupid for not including an updated R90S in its available custom catalog. This is one of the most lusted after bikes by the Beemer faithful, and I assume it is the namesake for the RnineT moniker. Why not cash in on what was an instant classic? It’s a mystery. All it would take is a bikini windshield and a fade paint job. Add $4k to the price and Bob’s your uncle.

    • Ulysses Araujo

      Hey man, calm down… I remember seeing aftermarket windshields like that, keep in mind the model was made for easy aftermarket parts change. Besides, what do you suppose the “Racer” variant will be?

      • denchung

        R NineT Racer would be a good name for a R90S tribute.

  • Ian Parkes

    If you want more info on how they met Euro 4 with this air-cooled engine check out the UK’s Bike magazine. BMW engineer goes into some detail on it.