BMW presented a new model in its K1600 lineup, this time a full-dressed version of the K1600B. And just like the bagger, BMW clearly has the U.S. heavyweight touring market in its sights with this bike. Just look its name, the “2018 BMW K1600 Grand America.”

Even the fairing trim says “K1600B”, despite being an ostensibly different model.

The Grand America is essentially a K1600B with a topcase with integrated passenger backrest and a taller windscreen. There’s a badge on the tank that labels it as the “K1600 Grand America,” but even the side fairings still say “K1600B.”

The K1600B already had brake lights integrated into the hard cases, but the Grand America extends this motif upward with the LED brake lights on the topcase. Like the bagger, the Grand America adopts a feet-forward riding position with footboards with integrated engine protection bars banked at a similar angle to the 1649cc engine’s cylinders.

The six-cylinder engine claims a peak output of 158 hp at 7750 rpm and peak torque of 129.1 lb-ft at 5250 rpm. The engine runs in three modes, Rain, Road and Dynamic, which works along with a traction control system. The engine is paired with a six-speed transmission, and the K1600 Grand America comes standard with a reverse mode activated by a button on the left handlebar.

The K1600 Grand America is equipped with BMW’s Dynamic ESA, with electronically preset “Road” and “Cruise” damping settings. Like the K1600B, the front wheel is on a duolever while the rear uses a paralever suspension system. Twin 320mm discs with four-piston radial-mount pistons stop the front wheel while the rear uses a single 320mm disc with two-piston caliper. ABS is standard.

With a full 7-gallon fuel tank, the BMW K1600 Grand America claims an unladen weight of 802.4 pounds, compared to the K1600B’s claimed 741 pound weight.

The 2018 BMW K1600 Grand America will be offered in a Blackstorm metallic paint or a two-tone Austin Yellow metallic. Pricing will be announced at a later date.

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  • StripleStrom

    the only missing feature: Honda reliability.

    • Max Wellian

      I like the variety of riding positions on this one. I’ve yet to hear of 1600s breaking down. They definitely need a new color consultant though. I think they got their ideas from a Crayola basics pak.

      • Goose

        Crayons come in more attractive colors.

        • gjw1992

          Then they’re missing the tweet panel

  • Douglas

    No, no, no……colors (BLEAAH!) all wrong & those oversized muffling tubes…proportioning is key. Otherwise…..

    • Sayyed Bashir

      A black and white one would look like a police motorcycle. The cagers will be scrambling to get out of your way.

      • SerSamsquamsh

        That would be worth money. I rented a road king and with my safety jacket people though I was a cop. I used to drive an old cop car for a while – same thing. Got cut-off way less!

  • Auphliam

    I dig it. I really like that two-tone one. There was some question around the availability of passenger accommodations (backrest or trunk) on the B. Early speculation, even from dealers I asked, was that it wasn’t designed with that capability in mind and they didn’t know of any in the works. I guess this answers that.

    By the way, and just for clarity…saying it has a “feet forward riding position” is a little misleading. The footboards are there for comfort, and yes you can put your feet out there if you choose…but the actual controls are mid, as with any 1600.

    • Alaskan18724

      I didn’t expect to like the B, but it fit like it was made for me. Not sure how much market space there is between the Grand America and the GTL, but I’m happy to see it. Agree with Douglas–sure would be nice to see in some other colors. Alpine White, BMW Blue. Black’s good. Can’t quite figure out Austin Yellow….

      • Auphliam

        Yeah, I bet that Lupine Blue/Alpine White combo they do would look awesome on this. Or the Blue/Black scheme from the GT Sport.

        • Alaskan18724

          Bring it.

  • kenneth_moore

    “Does this top case make my ass look big?”

  • wolzybk

    Great. Now go the other way, lop off about 150lbs of excess, and give me a 600-lb K1600R naked bike. I’d buy that bike.