Confirming what we were first to report, BMW is adding two new variants to its R nineT line, introducing the R nineT Pure and R nineT Racer. They join the original R nineT and the previously-announced R nineT Scrambler. The four models form the basis of what BMW calls its Heritage line of classically-styled modern motorcycles.

The R nineT Pure and Racer both make use of the modular steel tubular space frame as the Scrambler which opens up several avenues for customization.


The Pure is a classic roadster, even moreso than the base model R nineT. Priced at 12,300 euros (about US$13,726), it slots in under the base model’s 14,900-euro price tag. To get the lower price, BMW did away with the R nineT’s radial-mount calipers and 46mm upside-down fork. In their places are traditionally-mounted four-piston front brake calipers and a rightside-up 43mm telescopic fork. BMW also swapped out the R nineT’s wire-spoke wheels for five-spoke 17-inch light alloy cast wheels, though wire spoke wheels will be offered as an option.

Other R nineT Pure features include a circular analog tachometer, two-into-one exhaust, and forged aluminum footrests and fork bridges and a Catalano Grey non-metallic paint job.


For the sportier R nineT Racer, BMW added a fairing, hump seat, lower handlebars, rearset footpegs and a Lightwhite non-metallic paint scheme with BMW Motorsport colors. The R nineT Racer is priced at 13,300 euros (US$14,817).

Follow the rest of our 2016 Intermot Show coverage for more information on new motorcycle announcements.

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  • DickRuble

    If you ever wondered what the T stands for in Rnine T: Trödel

    • Old MOron

      Bwa-ha ha-ha! Good one, Richard.
      I might agree concerning these cheeped out variants: they put lesser forks and brakes on the “sport model”?!
      But the original R9T is a fine machine.

  • dW

    I’ve been waiting….and waiting…….for either Guzzi or Bee-Em to do a stripped down, cafe-racer. Air-cooled twins are amongst the most addictive engines on the planet, why they don’t do this is beyond all reason..
    When i heard that the R9T was being re-jigged into that scheme i was positively salivating!!
    – then i saw the cheap cartridge forks………and cast wheels……what a let-down.

  • SRMark

    My eyes like the white one, my bones like the gray one.

  • TheMarvelous1310

    Nice, I’ve been wondering when they would bob out the RnineT. Gotta wonder why they put the downmarket wheels and springs on the Racer, but I’m not in the market anyway so who cares what I think?

  • Old MOron

    Dear MOrons,
    According to your report, the R9T Racer will be $14,817.
    And per Triumph’s website, the Thruxton R with cafe fairing is $15,500.
    That’s close enough. Must have shootout: R9T Racer v. Thruxton R Cafe×548.jpg?86f03d

    • BDan75

      FWIW, I was at the Progressive show yesterday. They aren’t giving actual numbers yet, but a BMW guy told me that they expected the racer to come in very close to the Scrambler, i.e., $13,000. I’m assuming that’s before destination charges, etc.

      Having sat on the bike, it’s a good stretch to the bars…they’re roughly the same height as those on the S1000RR, but I’m guessing an extra 1.5 inches forward. The peg/seat relationship is more relaxed, however; probably another inch of room there.

      Here’s something I threw together in Photoshop using images available on the web (I have an S1000RR, so it’s an easy comparison for me). This is with the bikes aligned on the seat, rather than the rear wheel. Even so, you can see the Racer’s extra wheelbase.

      I’m gonna have a hard time saying no to this one, but it’ll help if Helibars comes through with something.

      • Old MOron

        Wow, nice work. And how about that, I have an S1000R. I really like it, but sometimes I miss the sound and feel of a twin engine.

      • Kevin Duke

        For what it is, I think the Racer’s low and forward handlebar position is a mistake, like the old Ducati Sport 1000.

        • BDan75

          Probably. As much as it triggers my “gotta have one” response, sacrificing a lot of rideability for nothing more than looks (and a tach–seriously, BMW?) is sort of a tough pill to swallow.

  • Bmwclay

    R9T racer, Moto Guzzi already did this with their LeMans. Very satisfying bike, I loved mine. It was like a fast Norton that never broke and the chain never needed adjusting.