2005 BMW R 1200ST and R 1200RT

If this new RT had been available last August, I honestly believe it would have spanked the competition in our 2004 Sport Touring Comparo, since it addresses our two biggest complaints (lack of power, and harsh brake linking) with the old R 1150 RT. If the R 1200 RT's boxer twin could sing a beautiful Italian baritone, it might even knock Aprilia and Ducati completely out of the sport touring business! It's that good. Then again, this sort of excellence is expected in the $17K+ price range, and it's nice to finally see BMW deliver.

** Specs Provided By BMW Motorcycles **
2005 BMW R 1200 RT - MSRP $17,490
BMW R 1200 RT
Type Air-cooled/oil-cooled Boxer twin-cylinder
Bore x Stroke 101.0 mm X 73.0 mm
Displacement 1170cc
Claimed Horsepower 110 bhp @ 7500 rpm
Claimed Torque 85 lb/ft @ 6000 rpm
Compression Ratio 12.0:1
Valve Gear HC, chain-driven
Valves 2.0 x 36.0 mm intake / 2.0 x 31.0 mm exhaust
Valves/Cylinder Four
Engine Oil Capacity 4.2 Quarts
Engine Management BMW Engine Controller - BMS K
Fuel Requirement HDPE, internal pump and internal filter
Fuel Capacity 7.1 U.S. Gallons including 1 gallon reserve
Charging System 720 Watts @ 14 Volts
Battery 12 Volts 10 Amps/hour low maintenance
Cooling System Air and thermostatically controlled oil cooling
Primary Drive 1:1.882
Clutch 180 mm dry, single plate with hydraulic actuation
1st Gear Ratio 2.28:1
2nd Gear Ratio 1.58:1
3rd Gear Ratio 1.26:1
4th Gear Ratio 1.03:1
5th Gear Ratio 0.90:1
6th Gear Ratio 0.81:1
Final Drive System Enclosed driveshaft w/ two universal joints
Final Drive Ratio 2.62:1
Frame and Suspension
Frame Three-part, engine/cast aluminum/tubular steel
Front Suspension BMW Telelever
Front Travel 4.7 inches
Rear Suspension BMW Paralever
Rear Travel 5.3 inches
Brake System BMW EVO with partial integral ABS
Front Brakes Two, four-piston fized calipers
Front Rotor 12.6 inch dual floating rotors
Rear Brake Single, two-piston fixed caliper
Rear Rotor 10.4 inch single, fixed rotor
Actuation Method Hydraulic, DOT 4 fluid type
Wheels and Tires
Front Wheel 3.50 x 17 cast alloy, five double-spoke
Rear Wheel 5.00 x 17 cast alloy, five double-spoke
Front Tire 120/70 x 17 tubeless
Rear Tire 180/55 x 17 tubeless
Overall Length 87.8 inches
Overall Width 35.6 inches
Wheelbase 58.4 inches
Ground Clearance 6.1 inches
Seat Height 32.2 inches
Steering Angle 63.4 degrees
Front Wheel Trail 4.3 inches
Claimed Weight - Dry 505 lbs. excluding options & accessories
Claimed Weight - Wet 571 lbs. w/o cases
Maximum Load 1091 lbs. GVWR
Standard Colors
Code/Price Description
911 / N/C Piedmont Red Metallic
933 / N/C Granit Grey Metallic
946 / N/C Dark Graphite Metallic
Standard Equipment
519 / N/C Heated Hand Grips
538 / N/C Cruise Control
Available Equipment
164 / N/C-option Seat - Gray
350 / $125.00 Chrome Exhaust Pipe
416 / $750.00 Electronic Suspension Adjustment (ESA)
510 / $50.00 Oil Level Warning
518 / $270.00 RT - Heated Seat
539 / $215.00 On Board Computer
540 / $1450.00 RT - Radio / CD
565 / N/C-option Engine Spolier Black
566 / N/C-option Engine Spoiler Silver
588 / $35.00 Clear Turn Singal Lenses
603 / $210.00 Anti Theft Alarm
725 / $390.00 Radio Prep. Kit
773 / N/C-option Seat - Black
776 / N/C-option Seat - Low (30.7 inches)
R 1200RT w/ optional tank bag and top box.

2005 R 1200 ST

The new R 1200 ST replaces BMW's R 1150 RS model and is aimed squarely at Honda's Interceptor (VFR), with additional targets being the Ducati ST-4S, Triumph Sprint ST and even Kawasaki's ZZR-1200, according to their chief designer.

As you probably know, those are some lofty targets. To facilitate this newfound ambition, BMW has redesigned the old R 1150 RS so extensively that they claim it is "100% New".

For contrast, BMW says the new R 1200 ST is 12% lighter, has 14% more horsepower and 17% more torque than the R 1150 RS.

The new ST's suspension is a little on the soft side, but still offers good control, as long as the rider is smooth.

This works out to a *claimed* 110Hp & 85LbFt at the crank, coupled with a dry weight of 452Lbs. I may have been a bit skeptical during the presentation, but I was positively astounded to find that it actually felt more like a 50% power and weight improvement once I was on the road. Bravo!

We just received an R 1200RT for further testing, and the first thing we did was strap it to our Dynojet.

It appears that BMW was spot-on in their estimates; our new R 1200 RT just cranked out an honest 102.95Hp @ 7,300rpm and 80.95LbFt @ 6,250rpm at the tire.

Though it's unlikely to win prettiest bike at the ball honors, we think the ST looks best in the Dark Graphite / Piedmont Red combo.

These are some mighty impressive numbers for an air/oil cooled boxer-twin, and since the ST shares the same motor tuning with the RT, these numbers should apply to both models.

That new found power is generated by an 1,170cc air/oil cooled boxer-twin similar to the unit in the new R 1200 GS, but tuned for more high-rpm power and equipped with a second oxygen sensor to provide better fuel mapping. Not surprisingly, the result is quite similar to the GS' motor, but with a bit more willingness to rev and a power delivery optimized for effective thrust in medium to high speed corners.

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