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Pretty self-explanatory here. For a motorcycle to attain Antique status, it’s common that it should be more than 50 years-old. The qualifying age for Vintage-grade bikes is often 20 to 25 years-old. And don’t be surprised if you also hear the term Classic bandied about in regard to old bikes. Basically, they’re all simply old. When restored to a high degree of finish, many rare and classic bikes can fetch large sums of money, especially if they have a racing pedigree or a celebrity tie-in. Some bikes in this category are just museum pieces or trailer queens, but many are owned by enthusiastic owners who actually fire up the things and ride them.

Ten Best Ducatis In The Factory Museum

Bologna, is the world’s gateway to the picturesque Emilia Romagna region of Italy’s east coast. Quite recently I flew-in a day prior to boarding a bus to Rimini for the international press ride of Ducati’s new 2018 Monster 821.

The highlight of that layover was an informal tour of Ducati’s factory museum… what could be better than to take a quick walk over to the Ducati factory from your local hotel in the Borgo Panigale suburb? It’s a pretty nice place, the walk from the hotel is almost park-like, and the factory itself isn’t too large. Best of all, the Ducati folks are a warm and friendly crew.

The stylish and modern museum is right on the factory grounds and is definitely worth a stop if you’re ever passing through Bologna. I only had my cell phone with me, so apologies for the hand-held and not-so professionally lit photos. Here are my personal favorites from the visit.

Retrospective: 1922 Humber Cycle

While ungainly looking, the Humber was stoutly powered by a 600cc, 4.5 hp flat-Twin, with horizontally opposed cylinders arranged longitudinally rather than across the frame like BMW Boxers.

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