2012 Victory Cross Country Tour Preview

Victory Expands Touring Line With New Cross Country Tour

Victory announced today the expansion of its line of touring cruisers with its latest motorcycle, the Cross Country Tour.

Also, a new iteration of the Cross Roads, the Cross Roads Classic LE, will increase the selection of Victory’s baggers and touring-oriented motorcycles to a total of seven models for 2012.

The Cross Country Tour: More Ready Than Ever to Live Up to Its Cross Country Name

Building on growth and profitability in 2010 – as well as a strong second quarter this year – that Victory says is due in part to the success of its Cross models, the company has graced the Cross Country with additional storage and wind protection making the Tour more ready than ever to live up to its namesake.

The new Cross Country Tour from Victory adds a trunk box, tall windshield and hard lowers as standard equipment on the Cross Country platform.

The 17.7-gallon Lock & Ride trunk box is now standard equipment (an optional accessory for the Cross in 2011), as well as a new 20.5-inch windscreen, which Victory says is 8.75 inches taller than the screen on the standard Cross Country. Also new are hard-shell lowers, each with 1.0-gallon storage capacity.

The Cross Country Tour's tall windscreen and adjustable wind deflectors are smart upgrades on a bike intended for the long haul.The lowers include a cord that connects an iPod with the bike’s integrated audio system, as well as an integrated 12V power outlet for electrical devices such as GPS or chargers. The lowers are mounted on chromed tubular highway bars rather than the angular, forged units on the standard Cross Country.

The CC Tour also has provision for air-flow management via adjustable controllers/air dams on the bottom edge of the CC’s fork-mounted fairing, as well as deflectors in the new hard lowers. Optional heated seats and grips are worthwhile upgrades, but perhaps no option is more welcomed than ABS.

Anti-lock brakes are now available for all 2012 Victory touring motorcycles. Last year, only the Vision Tour and Arlen Ness Vision were equipped with ABS.

In our 2011 Bagger Cruiser Shootout we gave the Cross Country high praise and top overall honors based on the performance of its Freedom 106/6 V-Twin, voluminous storage capacity, most comfortable ergos and excellent handling from its stiff but lightweight cast-aluminum frame.

The Ride & Lock trunk box adds almost 18 liters of carrying capacity; however, its exposed mounting rack needs better styling integration.

While we liked the storage capacity and convenience of the tool-less installation/removal of the optional Ride & Lock trunk fitted to our Cross Country test unit in the Bagger Shootout, we noticed the addition of the trunk’s weight made the CC feel tippier at low speeds, so we expect the Tour model will exhibit a similar sensation. Another, somewhat minor, drawback with the trunk is its lack of integrated styling – the trunk’s framework is clearly visible and a tad industrial looking – which doesn’t seem to have changed on the Cross Country Tour.

The Cross Country Tour rings in with an MSRP of $21,999 for Solid Black and $22,499 for Solid Imperial Blue or Sunset Red over Silver.

ABS is now available across Victory’s entire touring/bagger model line.

2012 Victory Cross Roads Classic LE

The Cross Roads is the minimalist bagger of the two Cross models, wearing a simpler windscreen in place of the Country’s fork-mounted fairing. However, the Cross Roads isn’t left in the new Cross Country Tour’s shadow in 2012, as Victory has added the new Cross Roads Classic LE to its stable of motorcycles.

Priced at $17,999, the Victory Cross Roads Classic LE has the Harley-Davidson Road King Classic square in its sights.

Victory says each LE is numbered, truly making it a limited edition, but no word yet on how many Cross Roads Classic LE bikes the company will produce. This new Victory has an MSRP of $17,999. Judging by the below list of items on the LE, it seems Victory is targeting the Road King Classic from Harley-Davidson.

Here’s what Victory says will come on the LE (ABS is also available):

  • Classic paint and graphics featuring expanses of black and white with black and red pinstriping
  • Classic leather seat and saddlebags with custom stitching
  • Wire wheels
  • Windshield
  • Light bar
  • Fender bumpers
  • Saddlebag rails for styling and tip-over protection

2012 Victory Lineup

With the addition to the Cross Country Tour and Cross Roads Classic LE the following models make up Victory’s 2012 lineup.

Vision, Cross Roads, Cross Roads Classic LE, Cross Country, Cross Country Tour, Arlen Ness Victory Vision, Cory Ness Cross Country

Hammer S, Hammer 8-Ball, High-Ball, Vegas 8-Ball, Vegas, Jackpot, Kingpin, Zach Ness Vegas.

Arlen Ness and family continue in 2012 to add their unique styling influences to three of Victory’s bikes. Here is the Arlen Ness Victory Vision in Nuclear Sunset with custom Ness flamed graphics. Ness’ son, Cory, put his touch on the Cory Ness Cross Country, while Cory’s son, Zach, styled the Zach Ness Vegas 8-Ball.

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