Tips & Tricks

Do you like to tinker with your motorcycle or try and find ways to make it faster or more comfortable? Do you want to start making changes to your motorcycle and don’t know where to start? This is the place for you. From learning how to install a new exhaust system to completely overhauling a motorcycle to suit your specific needs, you can read about it all here.

Getting Started at the Strip

What you'll need to go street class racing: A set of racing leathers, (leather jacket and pants are still approved in some sanctions) full-face Snell 85 or 90 approved helmet, boots, gloves, and one motorcycle...

Momentum, Inertia and You.

Lying on my side in the middle of the road was not on my list of things to do that day...

Burnout 101

Have you ever seen some Yahoo burn his tire down to the cords and wish you could? Burnouts are cool. People respect burnout artists for being a bitchin' motorcyclist and a sensitive, caring human being. Chicks will dig you, especially if you're a woman.

Motorcycle Theft Prevention

On average, someone in the U.S. becomes a victim of a motorcycle thief every 11.26 minutes.

Riding on a Budget

Before you buy a motorcycle, consider other necessary expenses and how to fit them into your budget. These hidden costs can add up pretty quickly and, in some cases, may end up totalling more than the price of a used motorcycle.

Choosing the Right Type of Motorcycle

Motorcycling is a lifestyle choice as much as a transportation choice, and different kinds of bikes lend themselves towards different experiences. If you're considering buying a new motorcycle, you should ask yourself: what kind of rider are you?

Victory Hard-Ball Touring Project

Being a badass biker is one thing; riding thousands of miles to Sturgis or Daytona takes a whole 'nother kind of rider. To make our ride more bearable, we outfitted our Victory Hard-Ball with some touring-friendly accessories from Victory's catalog.

Victory Vegas 8-Ball Project: "Evil 8" Part 3

After adding on a small bevy of custom parts and doing a major upgrade on the suspension we decided to conclude our "Evil 8" project by swapping out the out of place Swept System exhaust pipes with a 2-into-1 collector pipe.

Victory Vegas 8-Ball Project: "Evil 8" Part 2

Old-time hot rodders had a saying: "If it don't go, chrome it." Taking liberty with that age-old axiom of form over function, we looked at our Vegas 8 Ball project bike, Evil 8, and concluded: "If it don't handle, suspend it."

When Triumphs Go Bad!

In recent years there's been a re-boom of interest in Triumph customs. Here we'll look at four Southern California variations on a Triumph chopper theme, bikes built by individuals each with a unique perspective on what constitutes a Brit Bike Gone Bad!

Victory Vegas 8-Ball Project: Part 1

We dog-eared many pages in Victory Motorcycles' 2010 parts and accessories catalog to personalize our Vegas 8 Ball with jan-u-ine Victory custom components.