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Default 2007 XT-225 won't start

Hey everyone. I'm new to the forum but hope to find some help with my problem. I have a 2007 XT-225. It has been running great till the other day. I hopped on to ride it and it will not attempt to start. It is electric start by the way. The lights work when the key is in the on position, but when I push the start button I get nothin. I have checked the battery but don't think it is this as the lights and everything come on. Any ideas for some steps to start diagnosing this thing? Thanks.
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Likely it is the battery - moto batteries are smallish, and have limited amperage available. Little use and "short-cycling" will tend to cause the battery just to carry a surface-charge - essentially enough to run lights and horns for a short time, but not enough to crank the engine.

Do you keep the bike on a tender between rides? You should, if you don't ride it often (an by "often" I mean every few days to daily, with no longish breaks of inactivity).
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Battery is fully charged. Pretty positive its not the problem. Whats my next step?
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The handlebar switch and/or the starter relay and/or all the related connections.

But probably just one of the three.
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three years is about it on a bike battery. You can get a free battery load test just about anywhere that sells them.

Have you tried push starting it? If you do, try taking out the headlight bulb first, so that you have some juice for the ignition module.

I personally never let a battery get old though. The consequences of it dying away from home always cost more than just getting a new part in the first place.
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