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Post 2001 yamaha 426?

Hey guys my buddy just blew up his 426 other than the motor its in good shape and has offered to sell it to me for 500$. whats your thoughts is it a good deal and how do they run?
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Originally Posted by jmac576 View Post
Hey guys my buddy just blew up his 426...how do they run?
Generally speaking, motorcycles with blown-up motors run poorly.
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NADA average retail is ~1500. If blown up means the low end grenaded then you might want to reconsider if this guy is actually a "buddy".
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Avoid. Chances are he lunched the valve train, and impacts to the piston will require a new crank, as well as the $1000 head.

He might get close to that parting it out on eBay.
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Welcome to four stroke hell, you wanted a works four striker, you got one, along with having a complete machine shop and factory mechanic with you where ever you ride. Buy a 10 year old CR500 Honda and kick ass on everything.
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