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badsac 08-10-2001 11:01 PM

Amen brother. [NT]

motorpsyche 08-11-2001 03:15 AM

Clearly, it could be done
Why must it be such a chore to remove the fairings from todays superbikes? I don't see why manufacturers couldn't design fairings that remove quickly in order to access the engines and to be cleaned more easily. Of course I recognize the reality of design and costs but it could be done. A clear bike; interesting. Might just be crazy enough to work.

NOBRKES 08-11-2001 05:34 AM

Re: Pick the colors of the new R1
Clear sure is interesting, like those clear models by Tamiya. I wonder how a lightly tinted color would look, say red. You would still get the see thru look, but have a little bit of color. Also, 1/2 turn fasteners would be a help, they can't be THAT expensive.

Anyway, I vote for the solids, just look at the transformation of the silver Fireblade, SP1, etc. in Britain.

NickdaBrick 08-11-2001 05:53 AM

Re: Pick the colors of the new R1
What a disappointment. I can think of 3 color schemes that would be a thousand percent better than any of the options offered.

1) Cover the bike with 50,000 tiny glass crystals.

2) Cream and coral pink with wide whitewall tires and chromed wheels.

3) Fire engine red with tasteful woodgrain accents.

NickdaBrick 08-11-2001 05:58 AM

Better yet -- Clear Engine Blocks!
It sure would be cool to see all those parts and gears whirring around. And just imagine the light show from the pistons! Cooling might be a problem, though.

Droog 08-11-2001 07:43 AM

Re: Clearly, it could be done
Because Fairings would be stolen in record numbers.

bmwbones 08-11-2001 09:50 AM

Re: Pick the colors of the new R1
I think the orange and purple color scheme is really original and

would be visible. I ride the blue FZ-1 and I like the Yamaha blue.

vee4pilot 08-11-2001 11:57 AM

Re: Pick the colors of the new R1
No we are not giving marketing ideas to Yamaha you idiots......they want to know what we...the consumer wants. I'll tell you what I dont want.....none of those crappy solid colors or "race replica" designs. The current Yamaha Blue makes me puke....yeah it might've been cool say....5 years ago.....but they should stick to the traditional Yamaha colors. ANd what are they for the ignorant non- Yamaha fan? They are.... black/yellow and white/red and have been used since the late 60's. Ive been I hate to say......a Yamaha fan since Ive started riding back in 1984 and I'll be honest when I say......Yamaha was never one to come up with any exciting or alluring graphics or paint schemes. Matter a fact.....they rarely get it right, most of the times the color schemes were either "eh" or "what the f@$k?" The best model colors were the red/white 1987(I had 2 of these!) and blue/white 1988 FZR1000's for those that can remember.....the 1991 FZR1000 was tastefully done in white/charcoal grey/blue and looked very proper for a mature audience. IN 1995 the graphics seemed to be "Honda Inspired", but it still looked half decent. Oh and last but not least.....the 1994 YXF750 in the white/fusia pink/yellow.....yeah yeah yeah......I know very loud and to some.....nauseous. But very original and exciting to say nonetheleast. All the other years and models I missed out were either "ok" "eh" or just crap! As for the choices we were given, I definitely stayed away from the solids, there are too many silver bikes nowadays too.....even though the bike wont look half bad(remember the R1 has alot of 916 styling influences!) I think I picked a black/yellow combo and maybe a white/black combo as well.....but overall.....the choices were "eh".

vee4pilot 08-11-2001 03:40 PM

Re: Pick the colors of the new R1
The Champions Edition R1 and R6 were some of the most uninspiring paint schemes Ive ever seen by the way. If they really wanted to make it look good......look to the yellow and black RZV500 racebike from '83

aphex88 08-11-2001 04:37 PM

Re: Pick the colors of the new R1
Argh! 12 options and none of them solid black!

The OW-M1 prototype looks amazing in black. How about black with colors only on the decals. Peel off decals = perfect paintjob!

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