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Default Re: Yamaha To Bolster Motorcycle Output In Indonesia Next Yr.

Amen to that! Our company just finished an upfit that was 7 months behind schedule and 2 mil over budget. This was on a 3 mil project that was to take 8 months! I have never seen such shennigans! I have been here 3 years and the level of corruption is astounding. I could go on for days but suffice to say, any sympathy I may have had for unions and the democrats' ideal of social engineering is absolutely gone. To paraphrase, we have faced the enemy and it is...ourselves!
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Default Re: Yamaha To Bolster Motorcycle Output In Indonesia Next Yr.

US cars are now deemed more reliable than Japanese...US companies are now outsourcing software development to the Ukraine and Africa because IndiaÂ’s labor is too expensive... My VW built in Mexico/Argentina has less than 30K miles, four recalls and been in the shop for warranty work six times...And now the Japanese are outsourcing manufacturing labor to the Indonesians...

BRAND recognition is everything.

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