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ikonoklass 11-25-2003 02:49 PM

Re: WR Yamaha 2-Trac
First post? Huge news, but the translation is a bit lacking... Somebody, HELP!

SpongeBOB 11-25-2003 05:48 PM

Re: WR Yamaha 2-Trac
It's gonna be available in Australia... What about U.S. !!!

Pacer 11-25-2003 10:35 PM

Re: WR Yamaha 2-Trac
Good link.

bdesmo 11-25-2003 10:53 PM

Re: WR Yamaha 2-Trac
Here is the translation:

The reinforced presence of Yamaha at the Shamrock race increase the hope of good results. It thus that no less than 3 WR 450F finished on the podium, including two 2 trac versions. Released at the Paris Show we have already detailed the revolutionnary system of hydrolic transmission of the 2 trac. Strenghtened by its victories a few weeks away from its general release this machine will no doubt be desired by many but available for very few. Because its price higher by almost €4000 compared to the a standard WR for the moemtn is an obstacle to its wide availability. It thus remians clear that Yamaha must seek a larger production run in oder to bring the price down and bring this innovation to a wider public. While nothing has yet been announced the constructor is probably working in that direction. If the increase in comfort (ease) of driving via this solution to prevent sliding is really there the 2 trac system will actually judiciously answer the greater drive for active safety features by users. One can easily imagine the formula's success while Honda, for example, is starting to genralize the use of ABS brakes on its middle of the range models.

According to Jean-Claude Olivier president of Yamaha France " The WR450F 2 trac has numerous advantages such has the clearing of dunes in soft sand: the motrcycle continues to make progress where standard machines are digging in... One gets used very quickly not to countersteer like with a normal machine and the riding is very natural.. The braking is more secure and easier: you brake less in the curve but harder and later before the curve. It is a comromise which will satisfy both experienced riders and neophytes. The 2 trac system ahas recently undergone several evolutions, the most important of which was the loss of weight in its entirety but especially in the front hub.

The differences between a standrd WR and the 2 trac system are:

Special fork

Special rear shock

Transmission 2 trac

Steering damper.

Price 12, 195€ available first quarter 2004

Also on the site it is announced that David Fretigne who has just won the Shamrock race in Morrocco will compete in the Dakar 2004 on the 2 trac.

SRMark 11-26-2003 03:56 AM

Re: WR Yamaha 2-Trac
Click on that little Brit flag.

skadamo 11-26-2003 04:49 AM

Re: WR Yamaha 2-Trac
Does engine braking transfer to the frount wheel???

Holy "safe stoppy"!!!

ikonoklass 11-26-2003 05:02 AM

Re: WR Yamaha 2-Trac
Much obliged!

bdesmo 11-26-2003 05:19 AM

Re: WR Yamaha 2-Trac
No problem, if your Italian is better than your French there is a test of the machine on I can kinda read it but my English to Italian translating skills aren't what they used to be.

pushrod 11-26-2003 06:38 AM

Re: WR Yamaha 2-Trac
Go to and open the following address:

It delivers an (approximately) english version of the article.

pushrod 11-26-2003 06:48 AM

One of your more expensive Yammies!
That's going to have to be one badass dirt bike to be worth $14k!

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