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Default Re: Fazer 600 Information

This is a no-brainer for Yamaha, thus insuring it is unlikely to come to pass. SVs are selling like...well, they're selling. I've always liked the SV, but would never consider buying one because a) I'm significantly north of six feet tall; b) I like to ride two-up, without subjecting my significant other to what is, at best, an undignified post position; and c) I'm a child of the 70's and 80's and have notions about what motorcycles are supposed to look like, and Japanese motorcycles are supposed to have four across.

This Yamaha scratches several itches. They got the styling right, especially on the unfaired model. They chose a real engine, and from the sounds of things, may have tuned it they way we want it. It feels like time for a motorcycle that isn't a monster (displacement-wise, not knocking Ducatis). And, miracle of miracles, they put a real saddle on it. Remember when they called them saddles? Dang!

I think that neither myself nor my usual Baggage would object to riding this thing. Bottom line: I started out on Yamaha motorcycles over 20 years ago, but haven't had one in a long, long time. If Yamaha brings this one, I'll buy it. Are you listening, Yamaha?
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Default Re: Fazer 600 Information

Dude- no offense- but this FZ6 would stomp a mudhole in your Nighthawk. They're similar in the fact that they both have handlebars and two wheels, but performance wise they're in two completely separate classes. You do know that you can have power and comfort at the same time right?
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Default Re: Fazer 600 Information

Option hard bag?

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Default Re: Fazer 600 Information

Triumph dealer network is almost non-existing in some areas of the country. I almost bought sprint st last year, now the only dealer in my area is closed. The closest dealer is 250 miles away. I heard some horror stories about Triumph parts availability. I take yamaha any day over triumph.

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