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dj1298 12-07-2001 08:13 AM

Re: Aprilia focuses on GP1, not WSB
First post!!! Just to bug the hell out of everyone.

NickdaBrick 12-07-2001 08:33 AM

A Huge Mistake!!
First of all, I think it is a mistake for Aprilia to subcontract their WSB effort for GP 1. They did very well last year in Superbike, and if they concentrated their efforts there -- where they already know how to win -- they just might walk away with the whole thing next year.

Second, how can FGC Corse "enjoy the full support of the Aprilia racing department" when those guys are going to be busy with the GP1 effort?

And third, in GP1, they're going up against Honda, Yamaha, and Suzuki, and a full roster of world champions like Rossi, Roberts, and Biaggi. I think they're going to have their hindquarters handed to them on a plate.

FloridaSteve 12-07-2001 09:10 AM

Re: A Huge Mistake... NOT!!!
First of all.... WSB will be even more of a second tier racing division than it ever was now that GP! has gone 4 Stroke. So why bother with it. Aprilia has cut it's teeth in racing and specifically GP. Their success has been built on it. If they let it go, they'd be giving up on the stratagy that got them to where they are today.

Second of all... who gives a crap. ALL the action worth watching next year will be in GP1. I can't believe that Haga isn't in GP1 on a 4 stroke where he's comfortable and likely competitive. So he'll probably win WSB... at his level of riding and the depleted level of WSB... big deal...

And third... So what!! They've done pretty damm well against them so far! Why turn and hide now! Will they win the title? Probably not. It would take Rossi to do that. But I bet they win enough to build on and more importantly, continue to build fans and sell bikes!

Go Aprilia!!

captainwhoopass 12-07-2001 09:18 AM

Re: A Huge Mistake... NOT!!!
Just a question: I know Rossi is good on a 2-stroke, but how good is he on a 4-stroke? They are completely different bikes to ride. He is an excellent rider, but most, if not all of his experience is on two-strokes.

static 12-07-2001 09:41 AM

Re: A Huge Mistake... NOT!!!
Rossi has done well in the Suzuka endurance races on the RC-51. He doesn't seem to find the transition all that difficult, and that is with the heavy engine braking of a V-twin. I don't think his learning curve will be that steep.

Joe_Momma 12-07-2001 10:53 AM

No Repeat for Rossi
I think with the way that Honda Builds 2strokes, which is so much better than everyone else, that the best 2 stroke bike in the standings should be a honda. The Performance gap closes when you talk about 4 stroke bikes. The other manufacturers have almost just as much ability when it comes to the hardware. The rider, now that's where honda's pocket's come into play. I feel that the series will be more of a toss up this year, but Roberts, Checa, Katoh, and Rossi will be up front. If Suzuki has the Engine dialed in, Roberts will be hard to beat. In the end, I think that Roberts may be a better rider than Rossi.

evilgenius 12-07-2001 12:21 PM

What about Corser?
Will Corser be riding a satellite Aprilia team using Dunlops as rumored by some websites or has he joined different team for '02?

Is he even racing SBK in '02? Can't find an official or accurate news concerning Corser's '02 intentions.

Anyone know?

Lincoln 12-07-2001 06:18 PM

Haga comfortable... NOT!!!
you make it sound like a WSB powerband and a 4stroke GP1 powerband would be the same - NOT! If he couldn't hang with a ferocious 2stroke, what makes you think he can hang with a ferocious 4stroke?

GM_FAN 12-07-2001 08:48 PM

Re: A Huge Mistake!!
Ummm I bet they kick tail in GP1. They contracted their powertrain from Rotax last time and rocked the world. This time it's Cosworth's decades of F1 technology jammed into a bike. Look out Honda and Yamaha. I can't wait to see Ducati's oval piston twin.. I'm also waiting for beryllium to rear it's ugly head in GP racing. If I'm correct I don't believe exotic materials are banned. It's going to be 1980's F1 freewheeling technology fest mixed with some of today's wicked mechanicals, air valves and what not. Bring it on!

spindizzy 12-08-2001 04:05 AM

Re: A Huge Mistake!!
Which shows that you haven't read the rules for MotoGP - no oval pistons allowed and no exotic materials in the engine are very specifically noted there. So no beryllium and no rumoured oval piston Ducati.
Don't believe any rumours you read in MCN...

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