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Default How did they do last year?

Does anyone know (or know where I can find) how the riders did last year on this track? I'm curious to compare.
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Default Re: How did they do last year?

I thought so, but I was wrong, read on for more...

I think the official World Superbike Championship site retains some of the past (1-2 years) information. The site is http://www.motonline.com/superbike/

Wow, I just went there, and for Superbike they go all the way back to 1989. On the left side of main page look for the "SBK Archive" label, with a drop down list next to it. Then select the year. It will then bring up a page ....

Well that blows, all it shows is the overall rankings, no info on each race.

If I can think of something else I'll let you know.
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Default Re: Note to MO

MO... this is exactly the kind of stuff that you have an opportunity to excel at. If you had a nicely organized archive of all your news articles and/or racing results, people could go back and find this kind of info quickly and easily.

If you already have this, please let us all know how to find/use it. If not... please consider making the archive.

This was one of my criteria for first-rate content, because I, too, would like to be able to make this comparison.
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