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stevegrab 03-30-2001 06:57 AM

Re: Bostrom Fastest at Kyalami
Go Ben go. I'm sure Edwards, Corser etc will push him in the second session, but maybe he can hang on (at least to a front row start).

If anybody's curious why there are no L&M markings on Ben's bike, I read at the World Superbike site ( that his team found out when they showed up in South Africa there's anti-tobacco legislation (which went into affect in February). They had to quickly get new leathers done, modify team clothing, and cover up the giant L&M logo on the bike with a solid white decal. Pretty surprising that they didn't know this before showing up.

MoMo 03-30-2001 07:22 AM

Where is Kawasaki?
I would like to know why Kawasaki has not developed a new machine yet. The -7RR is still competitive, but it is a relative dinosaur. Do they have something up their sleeve? Are they waiting to race a 4 stroke grand prix bike?

hamatsu 03-30-2001 08:26 AM

Re: Bostrom Fastest at Kyalami
It would be nice to see Ben take the Championship this year....but I don't think it's gonna happen. I thought it was Juan Borja who replaced Ben on the Infostrada team last year. From the looks of things so far I think the number 1 is going to be stuck on the front of Corser's bike at the end of the year. Regardless, it's going to be an interesting year in WSB this year.

neoyetif2 03-30-2001 10:09 AM

Re: Bostrom Fastest at Kyalami
I wish they would approve more anit-tobacco legislation here in the states. But then again there would be no racing without them. Wouldn't it be nice if other companies (like computer companies) got into racing advertising.

I can see it now "Ben Bostrom on the Apple Ducati team with translucent bodywork". But if it was an Apple team they would have half the displacement and claiming faster top speed!

The Red Hat Linux team would have penguins all over their machines and have a really good "open" relationship with the other Linux teams.

The Microsoft teams would have the best advertising but the bikes would be made up of stolen technology from the other bikes. They would be cheaper and they would crash a lot. The riders would complain that Microsoft knew of flaws in the bikes so Microsoft would always be updating them.

Sorry I kinda twisted that to "What if Computers made Motorcycles"

I'll be quiet.

Larry_supersport 03-30-2001 10:49 AM

Re: Bostrom Fastest at Kyalami
I missed why Yamaha pulled out of the FIM super bike race this season. Can any one shed some light on the subject?

Larry_supersport 03-30-2001 10:52 AM

Re: Bostrom Fastest at Kyalami
never mind I am an idiot. I just saw the story after I wrote the comment

stevegrab 03-30-2001 11:18 AM

Re: Bostrom Fastest at Kyalami
Pretty funny. There are some good sponsors in larger racing series outside the US, like Computer Associates I believe is a sponsor for McLaren-Mercedes.

I would hope if it does happen it is phased in, or allows them to run their recognizable colors/patterns (like Marlboro does in F1, they remove the lettering, but the shape and colors of the emblem everybody recognizes).

stevegrab 03-30-2001 11:21 AM

Re: Where is Kawasaki?
Not sure, but they seem to be the least committed to racing of the 4 Japanese manufacturers. They aren't in GP (not sure when was last time). They have always had great motors, but seem to lack in other things.

I say the more manufacturers, the better.

BONGTOKER 03-30-2001 11:44 AM

Re: Bostrom Fastest at Kyalami
Go Ben!!!!!!!!! Go Edwards!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't wait for Sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!

minime 03-30-2001 11:45 AM

Re: Where is Kawasaki?
Kawi will make an announcement soon. :)

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