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Default Re: Right..he

Gobert has what some posters in here are referring to as "natural talent". Sure, he's pissed away alot of chances that he's had on factory rides but I can't say I wouldn't do the same thing. If someone came up to you at 25 and handed you a million dollars would you invest it all ? I think not !! It doesn't mean he's not talented though. Look what he did with that Bimota last year in Australia. He finished ahead of the field by the largest margin EVER in a WSB race. On a freakin' Bimota !! He also kicked some ass here in the U.S. before leaving and coming back again this year to Yamaha. Remember, he didn't get the breaks that alot of other riders got, Edwards included.
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Default Re: Where is Aaron Slight

The 'Main Man ' Aaron doesn't have a ride. Rumour was he was going to ride the trick-ass new Benelli Tornado but they signed up Peter Goddard the development expert instead. Aaron is said to be considering racing 4 wheel touring cars. Seeing how Goddard got the RSV 1000 competitive inside 2 years I can't wait to see what happens with the Benelli!
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