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BBD_Racing 01-30-2001 11:05 AM

Re: Edwards Sets New Lap Record at Kaylami Test
Cool. I got first post and touched off quite and argument, complete with extreme immaturity and good calculations (congrats to CBR1000F for the math).

Edwards: You don't get to wear the big #1 on your bike in ANY professional series without being pretty freaking incredible. Clearly, there are a good bunch of great riders out there and the coming year is looking great.

Hodgson: Obviously a really good rider. I'd wish him luck. but I couldn't bear to listen to the multiple orgasms from the British press.

Texas: I was born and raised in Connecticut and looked down my nose at Texas. I moved here for a job when I was 27. I gotta say, we Yankees have a thing or two to learn. I like it here: LOTS more freedom and LOTS more beautiful women. As for the attitude, believe me, New England has more. Its just a smug, quiet condescension.

Lastly, the Texas flag has more meaning than the other state flags because Texas is the only state which fought for its own independance and joined the Union as an independant state. That pioneer/independance still makes up the basis of the Texan psyche.

Oh yeah, since I am oblidged to say something ridiculous, here it goes: you all suck, I rule, my bike is better than yours.

cbrxr 01-30-2001 11:27 AM

Hey CBR1000F, you must be using new math
You got it wrong twice, I figure 150MPH to be 48 feet, 2.2 inches in .219 seconds. Still a considerable win though.

bimota 01-30-2001 11:38 AM

Re: Edwards Sets New Lap Record at Kaylami Test
It's good to see that any intelligent post is met instantly with dumb, anonymous criticism.

stevegrab 01-30-2001 11:47 AM

Re: Edwards Sets New Lap Record at Kaylami Test
Read his other post, because his daddy couldn't give him all the neat bikes that Colin got. That's why he's so pissed at spoiled Colin, who is not very talented.

Give it up, and give the guy some credit for being a World Champion. You (the Anonymous squid posting that Colin is no good, and got too many breaks), will never do that. Not because you can't ride good enough, because you're a whiner.

CBR1000F 01-30-2001 12:07 PM

Re: Hey CBR1000F, you must be using new math
Yeah well... math was never my strong suit. :)

x1lightening 01-30-2001 12:20 PM

Re: Pursuant to the intent of the Endangered Species Act..
LOL now theres a well thought out remark!!! LOL nice one!!

x1lightening 01-30-2001 12:28 PM

Re: Edwards Sets New Lap Record at Kaylami Test
SQUIDS!!! if you are going to make attacks on something or someone, at least have the BALLS to register and put your name behind it. Or just stay anonymous and we can continue to discredit most of your statements. Have a nice day. :)

bilbo 01-30-2001 12:32 PM

Re: Edwards Sets New Lap Record at Kaylami Test
"Yep, rider skill has nothing to do with it. It's just track time, ..."

Of course rider skill has something to do with it. The point you're missing is that skill is not something you're born with, it's something you acquire with practice, i.e. track time. Though it's true that a very talented person may aquire skill with less practice than a less talented person would.

I think it's fair to say that a lot of people who never become champions could be champions if they were given good enough equipment and enough time to practice. So why don't they? It's partly luck; having a daddy who can give you a good bike and track time, and who has the connections to get you onto a team while you're still unproven certainly counts as luck. On the other hand, some people simply have incredible drive and spend years working their asses off to to get in the door. So it's a combination of luck and hard work, in different proportions for different people.

CBR1000F 01-30-2001 12:43 PM

Re: Edwards Sets New Lap Record at Kaylami Test
Hear hear! Register, you nutless wonders!

bimota 01-30-2001 01:40 PM

Re: Edwards Sets New Lap Record at Kaylami Test
Uh, I was being 100% sarcastic.

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