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The Spaceman
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Default A Hot-Pink Stunta

The latest "Post-Apocalypse Riding Apparel" catalog from ICON arrived yesterday. Along with the usual nonsense like " The name alone makes most men regret certain choices in their lives. ThunderChunky, or T-Clap as she was affectionately known..." Jesus Christ, what are they smoking?

Oh yeah, found this link in the back:

Home - News - stunt-girl.net Mai-Lin

Pretty neat...a hot chick with big garbonzos who rides the wheels off a pink motorcycle.
318 curves in 11 miles."
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The Toad

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"Post-Apocalypse Riding Apparel".

You mean like football shoulder pads and similar stuff ala "Mad Max"? You can get that stuff a lot cheaper at the Big5 and Hot Topic.
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Default Zarkos, Malir, Trompok and Falk Slovenia

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