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Default First Motorcycle

I am about to take the written test for a motorcycle license this week. I have been looking at bikes and I really love the style of the CBR600RR and the R6. I know these are pretty powerful bikes but I know several people that started out on these bikes. I drive a 5 speed Mustang so I at least have that learning curve out of the way. I'm an athletic female for the most part but don't want an extremely heavy bike. What motorcycle would be good for someone like me to start out on?
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The Spaceman
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Nobody here is going to endorse a CBR600RR or R6 for a noob.
If you want a sportbike and feel a 250 isn't going to cut it, try an SV 650 or a Ninja 500.
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"I drive a 5 speed Mustang so I at least have that learning curve out of the way."

Wait just a bit longer. As Yoda would say, 'Learn, you must'. You'll soon find out that a 5-speed 'Stang and a motorcycle have almost nothing in common, other than they both burn gasoline, require oil changes, and need the proper amount of air in their tires.

"Athletic" doesn't help much. You are not going to pick up a 400+ pound bike when it starts to fall. Few people can. Just get the heck out of the way, then pick it up when it quits moving.

Kinda like a big buddy of mine years back that liked tequila. A lot.

Anyhow, to (sort of) answer your question, I'd suggest you pack a lunch, and pull up the 'New Rider' thread. It's only 500 posts or so. Oodles and gobs of good information there. On bikes and gear.

Welcome to the site!
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Read the New Rider sticky. Take the MSF BRC course.

A good bike to start out on is a used Ninja 250. Ride that for at least six months, and then sell it and get something else. It isn't what you want to hear, but it's the best advice you'll get.
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The Toad

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While MOST people who start out on a CBR600 survive the process the fact remains (and insurance rates bear this out) the survival rate is much lower than starting out on a KLX250.

And styling is not that important. You might spend a big pile of money on a CBR and decide you hate it. Start out on something smaller and used and get a year's experience. You might decide you'd prefer a Ducati696 or an Adventure tourer.

My point is you probably really don't know what you want yet. Experience will tell you.
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Default Potros, Brenton, Hogar and Peer Denmark

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Default Julio, Hamid, Grim and Kaffu Estonia

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Default Rendell, Akrabor, Aschnu and Sancho Denmark

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Default Trano, Sancho, Vibald and Masil Palau

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Default Julio, Treslott, Osko and Amul Ethiopia

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