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Default air filters for short women

I'm 5'4" and have a short girl problem. I started out riding a Sporty, and the air filter was in my way and caused my leg to cramp. I said never again, but now I ride a Nightrain with an aftermarket air cleaner that also causes leg cramps (because of the way I have to bend my leg to get around it to put my foot on the peg). Any ideas for an air filter that is relatively flat where I can keep my leg straighter?
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Not really any great options.

The Screaming Eagle kit uses the slimmest filter, IIRC. The problem is the distance the throttle body protrudes out from the bike.

You have three options, methinks.

1) Get a longer (or an extension for the one you have now) footpeg.

2) Change the bike to mid-controls, and save the OB-GYN pegs for the highway for your 'alternate leg position.'

3) Find yourself one of those goofy looking bull horn sort of intake manifolds. It mounts to the TB, takes an immediate 90 toward the front, and usually has a cone-shaped head on it with a dinky filter inside. Not the best for the engine, but it'll give you some knee-room.

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Pound a flat into it, if it's made outta steel.
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Pull the filter and tie-wrap a fine copper screen across the intake. Change your oil often.
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With the line "air filters for short women" the first thing I could thing of is "Is the air dirtier down there?". Seriously, go to the service manager and ask if there are any Softails with K&N Hyperchargers on them. I'd almost bet money (or food) on the fact that your vertically challenged legs fit right under the unit.
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