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Depending on your size, one of the very favorite bikes of this forum is the SV-650.

Although it is a fairly powerful bike, it is extremely user-friendly and has a powerband that doesn't surprise you like a 600 supersport might.

They've been in production for years, and I'd guess there's one or more used ones around for sale. I guess they are gone now, and now there is the 'Gluteus' or some such.

The SV-650S is a 'sportier' version of the bike.

I'll close with the old cliche: "It ain't the speed that gets you; it's the sudden stop!"

No one has been done in by going too fast. What gets them is the inability to stop in time or make the corner.

Keep in touch; let us know how you get on!
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Or if you like the sports bike look, the Sv650S or Ninja 650 would both be good bikes to look at, Think of it this way, no more than 650ccs no more than two cylinders.
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Hi...I just found this forum. I definitely say go for the 500R. I have one myself, and I love it. I wasn't a newbie to motorcycles at all when I got mine, but it was mostly off road. The 500R is an excellent bike for starting out on. It is really maneuverable and light weight. I bought mine with 252 miles on it and now have 3900 miles on it. It has plenty of power on the highway to get up and get away from any situation you find you want to zoom out of. Now, as far as sportiness goes, it is fair....Kawi hasn't changed it for many, many, many years. A used one with low miles isn't too hard to find and are relatively inexpensive. Good luck to you and let us know what you get.
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I had two buddies start out on the 600r, if you can keep the revs down its a pretty tame beasty but will get angry with a quick twist. Still though with the fairing your looking at $$$ if you drop it in the driveway or worse while riding. I highly recommend this bike to anyone looking for an excellent street bike but still wouldnt say go for it as a first. A duc 620 would be ideal and cool. Light, narrow, wide bars and no body work if you drop it. Still the 500r is a better option to start on. If you absolutely cannot pass up this deal get some frame sliders and keep the revs below 4k for the first 500 to 1000 miles.
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