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Lincoln 04-04-2001 07:04 AM

how could they release the bike in that unfinished state?

blip 04-04-2001 07:28 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
I didn't think the EFI was all that bad. I've ridden much worse systems: the early FI Buells were horrid, and the new Buells are as bad or worse than the TT.

I guess Triumph's long history holds them to a higher standard...

crash13 04-04-2001 07:36 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
I own two triumph sprints, an ST and RS both have spot on injection. I have also ridden the TT with 3 different maps all of which are substandard in my opinion. Does anyone know what the separation implications of Sagem and Triumph will be on the other models that work so well?


dirtybmxr 04-04-2001 07:40 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
The standard to which they are being held to is that of their competition, which Buell is not. The FI on the TT needs to be at least as good as the Honda and Suzuki if they are going to pull any market share from them. A sport bike whose throttle can not be opened mid corner at a reasonable pace is completely useless.

a929rrrider 04-04-2001 07:44 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
Kinda like a Harley you can only polish a turd so much, but it is still a turd. Go buy a Honda F4i if you want a clean bike with good fuel injection

dickdastardly 04-04-2001 07:49 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
sod off, ya bloody wanker.....

TitaniumCanoe 04-04-2001 08:11 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
Based on my experience, street bike fuel injection is not up to par with carbs yet. I have owned a couple of BMW's and a Honda CBR929 with FI. My most recent carb bike was a Yam R6 which was perfect.

john 04-04-2001 08:12 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
not quite buddy, i give triumph much respect for trying to use FI on a 600 from the get go. FI is much harder to sort out on small displacements, which is why even the japanese have waited so long to do it. I think triumph will find out that just maps won't solve their problems, and that a cylinder head tweaking is in order.

Triumph does, however lose some respect from me for not getting on the ball quickly enough to do EVERYTHING they can to save themselves from the verbal assault they have recieved b/c of the FI problems.

I dont know what Sagem was, or was not doing to help, but every other bike they put it on has seemed to do well.

XS 04-04-2001 08:34 AM

Help! I own a 955i Daytona and just recently installed the high pipe, took it to the dealership and now the bike detonates badly (3k - 4k rpms) and lost low end power compared to prior new exhaust system. Does this sound normal? I need advice from someone whose 955 engine is running well.

ollie 04-04-2001 08:44 AM

Re: Early release?
Let's see... Q1-2001 ended on March 31st. Do you think profits and shareholders might've had anything to do with it? I'm not condemning, just enlightening on the way large companies usually work.

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