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Kiwi 04-04-2001 10:24 AM

Judging by this guy's grammar and spelling if he'd programmed the fuel-injection the bike wouldn't run at all!

p.s. Sagem is french.

p.p.s. Does this mean the 2001 TT600 is no better than the 2000?

Grappelli 04-04-2001 10:51 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
Now there's a wide ranging statement.. do you think no-one else should try?

minime 04-04-2001 10:58 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
Keihin WAS mentioned this morning, but nothing is confirmed as of yet. Good guess :()

Grappelli 04-04-2001 11:03 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
One of the great things about the Triumphs up until now has been the three cylinder engines, which give the sort of torque of twins and a lot of the smoothness and revability of a four pot. I think it's a real shame that they seem to be moving to 4pot engines and dropping the triples. However, don't damn all triumphs for one dodgy engine, 'cos you can's say the Speed triple, the Sprints or the Tiger are anything other than excelent, and the new Daytona looks a fun ride...

LimeSqueezr 04-04-2001 11:06 AM

Most often execution not engineering...
as in quality control (or the utter lack of it) which plagued the British auto industry for many years. We won't go into why since this isn't a forum for political and social debate. The engineering that went into the design of their vehicles was generally on a par with competitors and in some cases the best especially when price considered. I will only say that while you can't make a silk purse from a sow's ear, you've got to have some quality control to make a silk purse that's as good as the sow's ear.

Haga 04-04-2001 11:23 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
I dynoed my R6 last year and the main jetting was literally 2 spots short of being absolutely perfect. Then again, that whole bike is pretty meticulously put together.

fr21555 04-04-2001 11:26 AM

Re: Triumph Gets Fixed -- Maybe
Kinda like a Honda rider, trying to stick to a point that has nothing to do with Harley.

AsphaltLake 04-04-2001 11:53 AM

Re: If You Think Triumph Has Problems...
Noted your comments viz. EPA and CARB mandates.

You might wish to check out our home page ( On the left hand menu bar click on position papers. THere you'll find MRF's public comments on EPA's latest bid to impose California standards nationwide on all bikes.

I should also note that many manufacturers are close to or better than California standards without catalytic converters. While a tad dirtier than some, my 2000 Sprint RS performs like a champ ... without a cat.

dirtybmxr 04-04-2001 11:56 AM

Re: If You Think Triumph Has Problems...
So we're not allowed to criticize Triumph for selling a bike that works poorly because the FI is outsourced? Gimme a break! Why is the TT going to look good when FI takes over? They already look bad in comparison to the F4i and GSXR, so how is the rest of the world figuring out FI going to help 2001 Triumphs? All I can say is that I am glad that Sagem is out of the picture. Now maybe with a little restyling, and new FI, things will shape up.

ps - I have ridden FI Triumphs (most recently the 955 Daytona) and wish the company the best, but I really think the criticism is fair, for now.

kcobb 04-04-2001 12:07 PM

Trouble for Aprilia Futura?
Hmmm, I'm seriously considering a Futura, but I've read it uses Sagem FI also. In two of the reviews I've read, about the only real complaint they have about the bike is jerky throttle response in low speed, 1st gear situations. In one review, they mentioned a German reviewer fell over when trying to do a low speed U-turn. I sure hope Aprilia can figure this one out.

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