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fazerO 03-21-2001 02:50 PM

Re: Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback
this bike is a great accomplishment for Triumph, considering it is their first 4 cylinder. But, after reading the review and the fact that they still have not fixed the glitch in the fuel injection, the japanese bikes will run all over it.

um--- first post

sqidbait 03-21-2001 02:51 PM

Re: Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback
How is the current company rich with

tradition? Didn't Bloor just buy the rights

to the name? What's left of the old Triumph?

No slag on Triumph - they make some nice

bikes - but it's a whole different company, no?

Just picking nits,

-- Michael

sculptor666 03-21-2001 02:54 PM

Re: Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback
i wouldn't buy it.... sorry, but drivability counts... and it looks like an F4 that's has too many cheeseburgers. i'll take an sv650s, thanks (in a few weeks actually). why doesn't someone try to compete with the sv (zr-7 doesn't count)... aprilia could put out a tasty little twin (or cagiva better start impoting the raptor (lavera's lynx as well))... triumph could put out a nice middleweight tripple.... along with a two year warranty and i'd be sold... as long as it doesn't look like scuba gear. big cohones yes, but triumph has to feel like they've got kicked right where it counts on this one.

bimota 03-21-2001 03:30 PM

TT600 - Best 600 of 1996.
This Triumph has the modern look, and enough power to beat anything in it's class. And it's class is the 600cc class of 1996. Are they for real? 90hp, no torque, looks obviously stolen from the F4, and fuel injection done wrong. They just can't be serious about competing against bikes like the R6 and F4i.

huskerdu 03-21-2001 03:42 PM

Re: Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback
I was riding around in Arizona a couple of weeks back while on vacation and ran into a guy on a 2001 TT600. I asked him about the FI problem and he said it no longer existed. He had ridden the 2000 as well and said the FI was a nightmare but they'd apparently gotten it right this year. Either he got lucky with his bike or MO got unlucky with theirs.

metal 03-21-2001 03:55 PM

Re: Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback
If you're talking about performance, SV650 competes mostly with things like Ducati Monster 600, and some smaller Japanese bikes (EX500 comes to mind). And that's generally considered lightweight, not middleweight. The Triumph is up against all the new 4 cylinder 600's and Ducati 748. That's one tough bunch of bikes.

thatguyjohn 03-21-2001 03:56 PM

Re: Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback
I have to say that the fuel injection glitches were fixed pretty easily with some fiddling at the dealership I worked at, and that the stumble wasn't really that bad to start out with anyway. But why should we pony up the $$$ when the big four make bikes that are fine out of the box?? It's sad since I had an absolute blast on my demo ride. The steering is so awsome!!! But the big four have noticably better equipment to choose from. And the TT600 just doesn't make me feel passionate like a European bike is supposed to. I guess it's a matter of taste, really. I hope they find some HP and some bodywork that looks attractive.

thatguyjohn 03-21-2001 04:12 PM

Re: Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback
They have a 900cc and a 1200cc four cylinder, so it's not their first. It is their first 600 though.

thatguyjohn 03-21-2001 04:13 PM

Re: Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback
And by the way, did I miss the 2nd half of the 600 shootout???? What ever happened to that???

rls4691 03-21-2001 04:29 PM

Re: Triumph TT600 Reader Feedback
Try this?

Take it to the dealership and have them fix the mapping. Relatively painless and free. I don't know if you've got a very bad dealer or I have a very good one but the dyno curve on the test machine is no where near like the one on mine (and it's a lowly 2000). Your dealer should fix it or be shot.

I properly broke mine in (a pain in the neck I'll admit) and completely stock it makes 95.6 horsepower on the dyno w/1100 miles. The only reason I know this is that I'd heard of these types of problems and paid $70 to be sure. There aren't any significant dips or valleys in the curve and the engine is noticeably smoother than either my friends' R6 or Gixxer w/similar miles.

During the break-in period the engine was often peaky and had a dead spot around 3500 rpm. That all settled out around 800 miles and now it's gone.

If it is just a bad dealer or implementation of injection tune, it's a shame as many people will be disuaded from an otherwise very competent machine.

Then again, maybe my friend Jay and I have the only good ones on the planet....NOT

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