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The_AirHawk 01-03-2007 09:03 AM

Re: Who says a small company can't compete with proper engines
"But some how the GPTB says Harley can't put a great engine in the Buell.. Imagine if the Buell Firebolt had a world class engine.. Heck I bet they would sell 10 times more Buells... "

Y'know KPaul - I used to believe that very thing. But I don't since I've ACTUALLY RIDDEN one of the XB Buells. So far as engine - for that bike, Buell has EXACTLY the right engine to go with it. It needs nothing (with the exception of maybe a few more horses - but that's not so hard to do)

Compared to the "standard" Evo - the Buell engine IS world-class.

Smoothness? It's a feckin' 45-degree single-crankpin engine with an odd firing-order! WTF do you expect? That engine's "worst" vibes are at idle and off-idle. 4-cylinder engines (even V-4!) have places they vibrate as well, they're often even MORE annoying if the engineer doesn't pay attention to where he tuned the powerband.

Buell has actually shown Harley what can be done with their engines, I believe.

Eric Buell has no interest in a "modern" engine - he just finished modernizing one, why would he need to do anything else?

I think you're mistaken that sales will pick up if Buell went with a different engine - those who own Buells seem to be rather passionate about them, and with good reason; due to the unique characteristics of this marriage of chassis and engine, Buells quite closely emulate Triumph - in that, nothing else is quite like them. And that is NOT a bad thing. People always ***** and moan about how Harley-riders are a "Legion of Identical Individuals". Well, this IS Individual. They're not for everybody. I certainly wouldn't want one for a Daily Commuter (well, mebbe an Uly......), but I've just about made up my mind to acquire one for my personal stable. Just for "long-term testing", of course! [b];^D

seruzawa 01-03-2007 09:12 AM

Re: Who says a small company can't compete with proper engines
I'm not about to predict what Eric will do. Whatever it is it won't be based on the opinions of a bunch of people who all religiously agreed that he would fail with the Sporty engine. They were all entirely wrong. Now that he's had some success these parasites want to give him advice on what to do next. Only a fool would listen to these @ssholes.

acecycleins 01-03-2007 09:13 AM

Re: Triumph Tops 10K Units Sold in the U.S. in '06.
It's (Tiger) supposed to show Feb. just after the CW IMS. As far as the pillion- Hard to tell but I thought the same thing about the Sprint when that redesign happened and as it turns out it's not bad at all in person.

sarnali2 01-03-2007 09:16 AM

Re: Triumph Tops 10K Units Sold in the U.S. in '06.
My T 100 Bonnie with Hagon Nitro shocks and Hagon progressive wound springs is a pretty sweet handler. The only real limitation is the 19 inch front wheel. Most decent radials stop at 17 or 18 so if you want to match front and rears you're pretty well stuck with Metzler Lazertec's. Not bad tires, but there are better.

Going back to tubes was a concern of mine too but I just Slimed them both and quit worrying. A bro of mine in Tacoma bought a set of beautiful 17 in. black anodized 3 spoke mags for his and runs tubeless sportbike rubber but they ain't cheap.

So far the fit and finish on mine is good, the paints a little thin but it wax's up nice. The top motor mount bolt has a bit of rust on it but nothing a little Naval jelly and touch up paint didn't cure. Overall I've been real happy with the bike, it hauls my porky butt around with no trouble and is a genuine kick in the ass in the twisties. With a little intake and exhaust work it gets the Triumph snarl going at about 6 or 7k and just sounds sweet.

BrowningBAR 01-03-2007 09:26 AM

Re: Triumph Tops 10K Units Sold in the U.S. in '06.
Speaking of Triumph; Anyone got any info on rumored new bikes?

Is the Speed 4 Coming back? Or a variation of it?

Wasn't there supposed to be a 675 version of the S3?

Buzglyd 01-03-2007 09:32 AM

Re: Re Dillon
Hey there! is <a href="">here.<a>

Buzglyd 01-03-2007 09:40 AM

Re: Triumph Tops 10K Units Sold in the U.S. in '06.
MMmmmmm Naval Jelly.

Buzglyd 01-03-2007 09:54 AM

Re: Triumph Tops 10K Units Sold in the U.S. in '06.
Wrong Wrong Wrong! They need to make I4 repli-racers and bland Harley copies.

Don't you know anything?

acecycleins 01-03-2007 09:56 AM

Re: Triumph Tops 10K Units Sold in the U.S. in '06.
Yes- not for 07-08

BTW- Does it strike anyone as odd that the Bonni is assembled in Taiwan? Not that it's hard to actually assemble a Bonneville but Taiwan- Just d@mn!

Why can't Henkley just employ all those disenfranchised muslim brits or frech that keep wandering around causing trouble. Give them a bike and health care and they may shut the he!! up for a moment and learn about economics.

acecycleins 01-03-2007 09:58 AM

Re: Triumph Tops 10K Units Sold in the U.S. in '06.
crumpet with that, sir.

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