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sarnali 01-18-2005 01:55 PM

Re: Find another excuse
I've put 27,000 miles on my Trophy in a year and a half in weather ranging from 100* in traffic to 29* and icy rain (last week) to 55* and pinapple express monsoon rain yesterday.

The bike has started ran and stopped reliably the whole time, the paint isn't fading or rusting, the powdercoating on the frame and engine isn't peeling, nothing has cracked broken or fallen off, the chrome is still mirror smooth on the silencers, the stainless fastners all look like new.

I could go on, but I think you get the point. This has been the best and most reliable bike I've had out of more than a dozen Japanese, American and German bikes I've owned, and judging from the Triumph specific websites I frequent my experiance is not unique.

Total maintainance costs have been two valve checks, with no adjustment required for $200. shop labor, Two sets of tires, two sets of spark plugs, one set of brake pads all around and oil and filter every 5k using Mobil 1-10w40. I'm still on the original chain and sprockets with only two adjustments required (most likely owing to my almost anal obsession with chain care)

If you don't want one that's fine and up to you, but using reliability as an excuse is inacurate, This bike has been more reliable than the Hondas, Kawasakis, BMWs and Harleys I've owned and as reliable as my Suzuki so far.

In fact the "unreliable" Harleys were, with two breakdowns in a total of about 140k miles on three bikes as good as the "reliable" BMW, and miles ahead of the Honda and Kawi's. Only the Suzuki Bandit @ 28k and the Triumph @ 27 k have been trouble free.

While no bike is bullet proof and imune to mechanical failure, Triumph is in the upper end of the reliability spectrum, and I have every intention of buying a few more when finances permit.

So much for reputations, huh?

longride 01-18-2005 02:26 PM

Re: Triumph's U.S. Sales Up 35% in 2004
You mean I have to get a Rocket III instead of a Speed III? Sure, rub it in Buzz.

MRALLCAPS 01-18-2005 02:30 PM

Yeah! I second that.
My Speed Four is shaping up as the most solid bike I've owned, out of 30 plus. I've had it since March and have put 8800 miles on it. It's fast, fun, great handling and still feels like a new bike. The only hitch was fluid weeping the first 1000 miles (which mysteriously cleared itself up), and once the sidestand switch malfunctioned. That's it!

My buddy Kenyon bought a Superhawk in 1997, and it would cut out in the rain. The dealer could never fix it, and he just quit riding in the rain. Every CBR600F2 I've ever heard of has gone through voltage regulators and camchain tensioners like they were free pizza, and Suzukis...well, don't get me started. As for BMWs, if they weren't so expensive, nobody would pay to fix them. They suck at a very basic level, and they wouldn't be tolerated if they were Japanese.

I'm a Triumph fan for life, and I'd love to sell them. Sorry your dealer sucks, though!

Buzz_Waloch 01-18-2005 03:14 PM

Excuse me
If you're not going to type in ALL CAPS then you'll have to call yourself Gabe.

pattonme 01-18-2005 03:56 PM

Re: To put it into perspective...
didn't you add an extra zero by mistake? 90K makes a bit more sense. say 12K for each Jap4 + a few thou each for BMW and Ducati, and maybe 20K for HD plus the other rif raff.

jungkvist 01-18-2005 06:05 PM

Re: Triumph's U.S. Sales Up 35% in 2004
The new Speed Trip looks like an SV from Hell (to me, that's a good thing). I'd need to get a couple-hundred-dollar break, to cover changing the head lights (quater-fairing, some welding and wiring)but that's no big deal. Other than that, from the specs, it looks hard-to-beat.

The Tuono might be wicked, but I think the S3 is Evil Incarnate!

Pinkslip 01-18-2005 06:13 PM

Re: Triumph's U.S. Sales Up 35% in 2004
Anyone know why Honda never played with a triple? Suzuki and Yamaha dipped their toes into the three cyclinder market here and there, but Honda never touched it.

I think triples are great-- inline four revvy, with twin-like torque and tractability (not to mention that sound!).

How much more appealing would the 919 be if it were a triple?!

That would be ironic: All this talk of Triumph's recent success (due, in large part, to the triple), and Honda stomps them out of the market with their own triple. "Thanks for the inspiration, Triumph!"

Seriously, though, as far as the company's line-up goes, I still see Triumphs as a "second and/or third bike" situation. I don't think I would be completely satisfied with any one of their bikes as my only ride. Once I have the bread to pick up a second bike (on top of a mortgage, car, etc, etc), I'll look more closely at Triumph.

Wambo 01-18-2005 08:16 PM

Way to go Triumph!
I'll add my voice to many and wish the best to Triumph. I like many of their bikes and hope they'll be with us for many more years. When I was growing up (still am;-)), I had pictures of Triumphs and BSA's on my walls (along with airplanes). I just hope the mark survives. I for one, would like to add one to my garage. The problem is which one...

longride 01-19-2005 02:04 AM

Re: Triumph's U.S. Sales Up 35% in 2004
"I think Triumph should be only associated with other normal bike brands."

I think this is the best line I have ever read on any site, ever.

maladg 01-19-2005 02:57 AM

Re: Triumph's U.S. Sales Up 35% in 2004
Most excellent and more power to 'em.

Re comments that the Speed 3 does not have the impact in person that it has in photos - there was one at the bike show here two wks ago. Danged if I can comment. Triumph had the strangest tubular "fence" around it. Couldn't get a clear photo even with 28 mm lens....could not touch or sit on it either.

But it does look pretty cool. Like Longride, I'm - er - a full XL in most all respects. I felt like I was teetering on a Unicycle trying out the Buell CityX...very, very uncomfy even sitting still. The Speed Triple has been shrunk - but not nearly that much as best as I could tell....

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