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Default Re: Triumph Seeing Red Ink

Aprilia went through a similar problem last year. They bought Moto Guzzi and threw all their money at the new Mille and the "baby mille" (I hear they stopped production on it) only to find out that Italy changed the helmet laws, requiring 50cc scooter riders to wear helmets. This turned potential scooter buyers off, killing sales on Aprilia's bread-and-butter. They were going bankrupt, but sold out instead. Ducati didn't get the winning bid- they must not have wanted Aprilia that bad.

I don't know how bad Triumph is doing, but I can't imagine they're as stable as Aprilia was. Ford buys every auto manufacturer under the sun, maybe... I can see it now: The 2006 Escort-powered Triumph Rocket IV.

Now THAT would be a novelty motorcycle.

I imagine Triumph will pull through this just fine though.
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Default Re:

I remember a while back a post about Ducati having a losing quarter and all the I-told-you-so'ers went in to a shark like feeding frenzy about how it was proof the company should of dropped those worthless twins, put Pierre Terblanche in a guillotine, got rid of the ridiculous desmodumbic valve design, etc. Next quarter Ducati put up a 23% profit.

Seems like Triumph and the Rocket are getting a similar beat down now. I know the fire was in 2002 but I imagine the effects are still being felt. Take the fire out of the picture and I wonder if there would still be a loss. The motorcycle business is extreamly competitive and exspensive to be in. If youÂ’re not selling snowmobiles, jet skiÂ’s, guitars, generators, cars, etc. also it makes it that much tougher. I'm not saying Rockets and Supersports were a good business venture but only that more time is needed to tell. Let's see how the 2005 lineup sells. They've taken the hit for the R&D costs so now it's time to see if the 2005 bike sales make it worth while.
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Default Re: Triumph Seeing Red Ink

No one seems to understand that it's congress that spends the money and creates the inflation. For that matter the democrats could simply have filibustered all of Bushie's profligate spending... and they should have. I just might vote for them if they had the balls to. But they wanted all of that extra social spending, didn't they?

Nah. It's easier to do nothing, let the economy go south and then pretend that it's someone else's fault.

Blame the Pres. Blame the other party. Yadda yadda yadda. They are ALL to blame. All the republicrats.
"Make no mistake, Communism lost a big argument - one we know today as the 20th century."
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Default Triumph Seeing Red Ink

Whoa, whoa.

Triumph lost a million bucks this year? So what? At their cash flow, "losing" five million...or for that matter, making five million profit, is not significant dollars. They're not going out of business, they're just not as profitable as they should be.

A warning sign, maybe, but not a big deal in the business world.
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Default There Will Wlways Be an England! And, Probably a Tuiumph.

Triumph not using the triple, as its signature engine, has always boggled my mind. And, attacking the Japanese, on the 600 front, was something akin to the Charge of the Light Brigade, (But, Hey! They're Brits! They do stuff like that!).

Hindsight is 20/20 (and, who looks at their own a$$ anyway). But, a 750 triple would probably have set the world on fire, rather than the alarm clock, on snooze, like the 600 Daytona. Just the sound of the triple makes grown men cry, and audiophiles use it for a reference source. So, cash could have been grabbed, hand over fist, probably without a Daytona Triple ever being moved off its kick-stand. And, though the new 650 has me planning a trip north, to visit my closest dealer this Spring, IÂ’d probably push a team of dogs, through a lake-effect storm, if that same dealer had a 750 triple right now.

As for the Rock III, itÂ’s damn near the size of Moby **** and, to me, almost as boring. But, some people still romanticize the adventure of whaling, so if theyÂ’ve got the cash, let them sharpen their harpoons (at least, Green Peace won't get in a snit).

The jewel in the crown of the Kingdom of Bloor is the Triumph Speed Triple. The Speed-Trip is such an awesome bike that even Triumph couldn’t keep it from selling – though, God knows, they tried – with mutant headlights – and colors from Hell. If there’s one bike that lives up to Triumphs former glory, it has to be the Speed Triple. It’s spoke of in awe, and whispered-delight…Until, someone gets cheeky and Cranks-Up the Beast! Then all Hell breaks loose, and you have to shout to be heard over the engine’s wail. And, that’s probably good, because the sound of your heart-beat might scare you to death. It might not be the fastest, and DAMN it ain’t pretty, but it’s got attitude to burn...Like Churchill, with a cigar and a glass of gin in his hand.

So, Triumph lost a Million? So, What! Big Deal!

The Brits are all nuts, and it ain’t killed ‘em, yet.

After all, they got us; weÂ’re Loony as Bats.

And, Americans will buy Crazy, as long as it runs Faster-than-Hell, and doesn't break down.

So, take heart! There will always be an England - and probably a Triumph - as long as the the immortal words - Whoa! Dude! - are still in the hearts of every American (ButÂ…HeyÂ…What do I knowÂ…I own a Honda).

Yeah, well, you can get up and leave, DEAL WITH IT!
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Default The new 680 Triple

Did anyone see the new 680 Triple? It's in MCN but not in the news section. There was a link to this new "game" where they'd show you a part of a bike and ask you what it is. The last picture looked like nothing I saw, and the answers went like CBR, R6, ZX, so I thought it was perhaps a modified Japanese bike. In the end all answers were wrong, it said it was the new 680 Triple, to be featured in the latest MCN. Now I know MCN is not to be trusted but this picture looked real. The link is not there today by the way. If the new triple is indeed true, I believe it would be a smart move for Triumph to move away from the 600s and play the supersport game on its own terms.
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Default Is Paul Really Dead? Is the Triple Alive? Who Knows?

Even if it is a hoax, the furor it causes will probably get Triumph a lot of free press. And, it might even convice Triumph to build a small triple, if they haven't decided already.

BTW, can anyone tell me off-hand what the AMA's limit is, for triples in super-sport racing?
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Default it's a halo vehicle...

i don't think the rocket will sell well, however it may draw enough attention to triumph that the exercise could be worth it...

on the other hand, maybe the thing sells like hotcakes, you're right...time will tell.
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