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Default Mecatwin Thruxton mods

There's more info on www.jacklilley.com, Mecatwin's UK rep, but it ain't cheap since it's basically a full custom rebuild ($15K-$18K based on current exchange rates?).

According to a short item in the July '04 issue of Bike magazine, they've managed to up power by 12hp and torque by 20% as well as shave about 35lbs. off with lots of carbon fiber & kevlar bits. Also new front brakes, hardened forks, tweaked frame geometry, etc.

I doubt I'll ever see one in the flesh, but it is a beauty.

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Default Speed 4 update?

I want to see that 650 in a speed4 with those clip-on's removed, and a nice set of Pro-Taper's attached. Make the bar's gold anodized so I feel like a pimp.

Hell, I don't even care how ugly it is. Keep the suspension better than the other's bottom feeders and I could be riding a triumph.
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Default Best 600s Made

And I don't even sell Triumph anymore. To the average US motorcycle rider, who rides less than 5000 miles a year, never does a trackday or make it past 3 consecutive seasons of motorcycling before they abandon it to some other trendy pleasure, the Triumph 600's are a poor choice, as they don't have the hype and desirability factor of the Asian built competition.

But for those of us who do trackdays, commute daily and rip it up on REAL twisty roads on a regular basis, a well-made, excellent handling 600 like the Speed four or Daytona is much appriciated, especially at a lower price. Keep building and developing your mid-sized sportbikes, Triumph, you have a loyal following.

The Triumph 600's are good because they do everything a motorcycle should do, reliably, comfortably, stylishly and competently, cheaper than the Japanese 600s.

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Default Thick or thin

The stubby lines on the triple make it look fatter, but they actually dropped the rear tire from a 190 to 180 ... or maybe a typo (?)
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Default Re: Thick or thin

It doesn't seem to really matter what Triumph comes out with. If dealers keep dropping the marque at the rate it seems to be going, at least here in the Deep South USA there won't be anyplace left for folks to buy 'em. What's up with that? The two ex-dealers I spoke to recently told me Triumph Corp. is impossible to deal with. Owners I've spoken to seem to like the bikes but tell me quality is spotty and warranty issues are a nightmare. It couldn't be any worse than the VFR800 of mine that sat in dealership for 6 months waiting for warranty resolution. Anyway, I must admit the ST and 955 I've tried were a hoot. What's it like to live with the newer machines? Any takers?
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Default Re: Best 600s Made


You ok?

Did they move your tank to a lower case? (HAR!)
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Default Now if they could only sell some

You mean those 5 600's they sold last year are THAT good? That should make that red ink on the books look SOOO much better. The Triumph dealer near me even stopped dusting his off after the last 8 months of sitting there. I think the tires are dry rotting on it. I'll give him your tank number and he'll be in touch pronto!
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Default Official Pages Up

This thread may be dead, but yesterday the official info on the 2005 bikes (and a site redesign in general) went up on the Triumph homepage. Nice stuff.
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